Lowell House Seeking Outreach & Drop In Specialist (HIV/AIDS focus)


Lowell House, Inc. seeking outreach and Drop-In Center specialist (HIV/AIDS focus) staff to work in the LHI Drop-In Center and conduct outreach activities.  Primary responsibilities include:  Drop-In Center oversight, education, case management, provide harm reduction strategies, conduct screenings and referrals for substance abuse and mental health, and data collection. Continue reading

House of Hope Seeking Two Staff Persons

House of Hope in Lowell currently has 2 third shift counselor positions available 

 12 midnight to 8am – Tuesday through Saturday

12pm to 8am – Friday through Tuesday

If interested, please send resume to:

Marianne Staid

Director of Shelter Programs

House of Hope Inc.

812 Merrimack St.

Lowell MA 01854

email: marianne.staid@hopelowell.org

fax: 978.458.6679

Lowell Transitional Living Center Seeks Interim Executive Director

Interim Executive Director
Education: Bachelor (BA, BS, etc.)
Location: Lowell, Massachusetts, 01852, United States
Posted by: Lowell Transitional Living Center
Job Category: Grants administration, Management
Sector: Nonprofit
Last day to apply: September 27, 2010
Last updated: September 17, 2010
Type: Temporary
Language(s): English
Job posted on: September 17, 2010
Area of Focus: Housing and Homelessness, Human Services, Multi-Service Community Agency, Poverty and Hunger


The Lowell Transitional Living Center is searching for an Interim Executive Director to serve while the organization searches for a permanent Executive Director. This position is available October 1, 2010, and is a contract, temporary position lasting between 3-4 months. Continue reading

No Place Like Home

A great story from the Boston Herald on a family that was provided with the proper tools to get them out of homelessness and into sustainability!


No place like home for Roxbury family

By Marie Szaniszlo |   Friday, September 10, 2010  |  http://www.bostonherald.com |  Local Coverage

Photo by Christopher Evans

A Roxbury boy who lived out of a shelter with his mother and 3-year-old sister until last month bounded off the school bus yesterday . . . to the first home they have had in nearly a year.

The 12-year-old arrived at their Roxbury walk-up to find his mother outside waiting for him, a grin on her face.

“I used to hesitate to say where I lived,” he said. “Now I can even have friends over.”

Only 18 months ago, his mother had been laid off from her customer-service job at a local insurance agency. By last October, she could no longer afford to pay their $1,400 rent, and the family was evicted from its Dorchester apartment. The Herald is withholding the family members’ names.

“The lowest point was when we were leaving and my son said, ‘Where are we going to go?’ ” she said, beginning to cry. “I said to myself: If I have to lie to him, I’ll lie to him. But we will find a way.” Continue reading

Keys to Ending Homelessness Conference – Trauma Informed Care


Friday, October 29 , 2010

Keys to Ending Homelessness Conference 4 :

Behavioral Health & Trauma Informed Care

Keynote Speaker: Liz Walker, Liz Walker Productions

UMass Inn & Conference Center

Register Now !!!

For more information: Please contact Kinda King for Conference Program & Registration Form

Division of Planning and Development

The City of Lowell
50 Arcand Drive | Lowell, MA 01852

t: 978.446.7200 x 1428  | f: 978.446.7014| http://www.Lowell.org

Who Was John T Williams? He’s One of Many

Came across this post at United Way of King County Blog and thought it interesting as it successfully puts a face and a compelling life story behind the plight if many homeless individuals across the country. I’m fairly certain that Young John didn’t have childhood dreams of growing up to be an alcoholic and be homeless…Here’s the story:

Vince Matulionis, our director of our ending homelessness work, recently sent this e-mail to United Way of King County staff.

By now I’m certain that most of you have probably heard about the recent shooting death of a homeless individual named John T. Williams.

If not, read the Seattle Times piece on the incident. Also a slightly different perspective on the incident from Real Change News.

In a manner of speaking it turns out that John Williams was one of our guys.  John had been homeless off and on for years.  He was a well know “chronic inebriate” and a resident of 1811 Eastlake.  By just about any definition John was one of our community’s “most vulnerable.”   He was one of those individuals that our Campaign to End Chronic Homelessness is focused on moving from the streets into permanent, supportive housing.

John Williams was a member of the Ditidaht First Nation (a small, remote community on the west coast of Vancouver Island).  He comes from a family of carvers.  John originally learned to carve in the tradition of his tribe when he was 6.  Unfortunately, he started drinking when he was 7.  (Incidentally, the Williams family has been selling their carvings to Ye Olde Curiosity Shop since the 1880s.) Continue reading

Father Bill’s Does It Again with Veterans Assistance!

Having first hand knowledge, Father Bill’s Place/ Mainspring have been doing great work on the South Shore for some time now. As I recall, they were successfully able to reduce the rate of chronic homeless in the City fo Quincy by 50% in just a few short years.

In today’s Boston Globe is a story about the work that Father Bill’s does with homeless Veterans

So it comes as no surprise that Father Bill’s would be awarded another round of grant funding to work with homeless Veterans. Congratulations!

By Jessica Bartlett, Town Correspondent

Father Bill’s & MainSpring is again stepping up aid to homeless veterans with the help of a $175,000 grant from the state.

The grant, awarded Thursday during a gathering at Father Bill’s shelter in Quincy, will help formerly homeless veterans find housing and employment. This is the second year Father Bill’s and MainSpring has received the grant, an act that has not gone unnoticed.

“We are really excited about this grant. [Father Bill's] believes no veteran should have to experience homelessness with the sacrifices they’ve made,” said John Yazwinski, CEO of Father Bill’s & MainSpring. “Certainly in these economic times, we’ve seen so many veterans fall into homelessness because of unemployment, so we’re very excited to take care of our local veterans.” Continue reading

Housing Partners & Housing First

Is Your (Housing) Partner Faithful? by Joy Eckstine  September 09, 2010 06:00 AM
Is the Housing First program in your community faithful to the principles of the theory?

It is generally an uphill battle to get any housing program going in a community, and this one is a labor-intensive, fairly expensive model to implement. After all, when you are giving the most compromised people housing, many others will complain. But the most compromised people are the most expensive for the community, and show the greatest improvements once housed. However, I challenge you to explain this to a homeless person who is putting her all into self-sufficiency or a housed person working three jobs in a way that does not make them furious.

This is a more important question than you might realize. After all, Housing First programs  have data going back at least 10 years which shows both incredible cost savings and better personal outcomes for the homeless individuals who participate. Housing First, which is just what it sounds like, emphasizing getting people in apartments rather than routing them through a continuum of care, is a win-win for everyone, but if your community does not stick to the original ideas, it won’t experience all the benefits. Continue reading

Five Kids – One Parent – A Motel Room They Call Home – For Now

Five Kids, One Hotel Room to Call Home by Mark Horvath September 08, 2010 10:00 AM
After walking out of this hotel room I broke down. To be honest, I don’t know how Jean does it all. She tries to be a good mother to her five children. Every day, even in the Missouri rain, she rides a bicycle several miles to her minimum wage job. But minimum wage is not enough for the family to break the weekly rate hotel cycle.

These are the invisible people we need to make visible. Luckily, this family and many others found a very kind man in St. Charles County that is helping homeless families get back on their feet. I have traveled all over this country visiting people in hotels. Thanks to Paul Kruse these families are staying in a fairly decent place. But it’s still not home. Continue reading

Chronic Homeless Initiatives Statewide Report – Impressive!

ICHH Regional Networks – Chronic Initiatives – Results:

To date, we have received data on 215 people, who had been chronically homeless before being placed into housing.  Of the tenants housed, 71% entered scattered site apartments and 29% entered project-based units.  The breakdown of regions for the 215 people is:

Western Mass 22
South Shore 11
Merrimack Valley 107 (18 from Haverhill, 47 from Lawrence and 42 from Lowell)
Cape Cod 23
Metro Boston 15
Worcester 24 (demographics only)
Boston 13

Continue reading