Foreclosure Prevention Services Do Work!

As was recently discussed on this blog, there is new assistance from the Federal Government to assist home owners that are unemployed that would seek to keep homeowners out of foreclosure. The deadline to apply to be in this lottery is 7/22/11.

In yesterdays’ Lowell Sun, there was a great story about how Foreclosure Prevention Services and the EHLP assistance program.

Remember, your home doesn’t have to be in foreclosure to seek counseling. If you or someone you love is experiencing challenges in paying their mortgage, it’s worth a trip to see a Foreclosure Prevention counselor.

Questions? Phone Debbie Mullins at (978) 970 – 0603 x1

Representative Payee Services at Community Teamwork, Inc

Community Teamwork, Inc.

Representative Payee Services

• Do you have clients who receive SSI and/or SSDI and
are having a hard time managing their money?

The Representative Payment Program provides financial
management for SSI and SSDI beneficiaries who are
challenged with managing their monthly bills.

As an Organizational Representative Payee provider, CTI
will assume the financial management of beneficiaries’ SSI
and SSDI payments, ensuring their financial
responsibilities are met.

Once enrolled in the program,
CTI will receive the clients SSI and/or SSDI check(s) and
pay their rent and utilities with the funds.

A nominal fee
will be deducted from the clients’ funds for administration
and any remaining funds will be budgeted and distributed
to the client in agreed upon regular intervals.

Call Patty Puglisi at 978-654-5615 for more information
or to set up an intake for your client. Clients are more
then welcome to contact Patty directly.

Veterans Resources at Community Teamwork, Inc

Community Teamwork, Inc

Veterans Support Services


Do you need assistance seeking employment?

Do you lack financial resources to remain housed?

Do you need assistance accessing medical or psychiatric care?

Do you need information about affordable housing?

Do you have questions about your rights as a Veteran?

Want more information?

Call Roland Cartier at 978-459-0551or stop in at the CTI Resource Center located at

17 Kirk St. Lowell, MA 01854

Roland is our Veteran-to-Veteran Peer Specialist.

 He is the former AMVET Commander at the Bedford VA and is here to serve you!

VASH Veterans Supported Housing Information Session



 Information Session(s)

August 10, 2011



Bedford VA – Bldg 9 Conference Room

Veterans must attend the information session

WHAT are the Criteria for the VASH Program?

To be eligible for VASH, veteran must:

  • Be registered with the Bedford VA Medical Center
  • Be homeless or at imminent risk of homelessness as defined on back
  • Have an identified need and willingness to accept long term case management services from VASH
  • Be within Bedford VASH catchment area
  • Be within income guidelines
  • Not be listed on a lifetime sexual offender registry

WHAT are the recommendations of the VASH team?

  • Clinically stable
  • To be within 4-6 weeks of graduation, if in a treatment program
  • Continue to reside in Bedford VASH Catchment area for at least one year
  • Maintain a  working phone number

For more information please contact Donna Teas, VASH Program

     (781) 687-2374

Youth Build Lowell Currently Accepting Applications!


YouthBuild is currently accepting applications!

Interested in getting your GED, learning the construction trade, building affordable housing, helping your community? YouthBuild is a program for 17 – 24 year olds who are out of work/out of school and looking for an opportunity to change their lives. Download an application or call (978) 446-9803 for more information.

Financial Literacy for High School Students @ Community Teamwork, Inc

Financial Literacy and Leadership Summer Institute

for High School Students


The Financial Literacy and Leadership Summer Institute will teach the fundamental knowledge of personal finance to high school students.  Students will learn how to budget, handle credit cards, and how to set and achieve financial goals. They will also learn how personal choices determine their roles as individuals in the greater economy and how the greater economy influences the decisions they make. They will learn to make informed decisions as they will learn to explore the opportunity cost associated with each consumer choice. This knowledge will give them the confidence to successfully navigate the major financial decisions to come.

Students will meet for two days:

Dates: July 20 & July 22            Time: 9:00am-12:00pm

Curriculum will include the following topics:

Day 1- Money Management                                              Debt Management

•  Track daily spending habits                                     •  Understanding credit reports

•  Identify ways to decrease spending                          •  Credit cards

•  Identify possible ways to increase income                  •  Loans

•  Identify budgeting tools that will  help                       •  Managing Debt

you manage your bills

•  Learn how to create a plan to achieve

financial goals

Day 2- Consumer Economics

How personal choices determine our roles as individuals in the greater economy and how the greater economy influences the decisions we make. These greater influences can be positive or negative depending on how we respond to them. Students will learn to make informed decisions as they will learn to explore the opportunity cost associated with each consumer choice.

To register your child, call for an application OR visit click on

EHLP – Federal Assistance for Home Owners Facing Foreclosure

Federal Assistance for Home Owners Facing Foreclosure

Lawrence Community Works is pre-qualifying for EHLP at the Foreclosure Workshop on July 19, 2011 from 2-8pm.

Place:                  South Lawrence East School, 165 Crawford Street

Registration:         2-7pm

Lenders Present:   American Home Mortgage Servicing, Bank of America, CitiBank, GMAC, HSBC, IndyMac, JP Morgan Chase, Ocwen, Wells Fargo

Contact:                Debbie Mullins at 978-970-0600 x 3 for details

More Info on eligibility, here!

Merrimack Valley Regional Network Meeting Minutes 6/20/11 – Next Meeting 7/20/11 @ CTI

Merrimack Valley Regional Network to End Homelessness

June 20, 2011 – Meeting Minutes

Community Action, Inc, 75 Elm St Haverhill, MA

In attendance: Pam Wool (CAI), Derek Jones (LTLC), Larry Gottlieb (Eliot CHS), Patricia Bergin (CTI), Al Hanscom (Emmaus), Robin Pincence (Emmaus), Katie Cooke (Comfort Home Care), Connie Murphy (CAI), Kathy Muldoon (CTI), Christine Starrat (CTI), Linda King (City of Lowell), Susan Rourke (Mid. HOC), Sandy Almonte (DTA) Ken Link (Bed. VA), David Robinson (Pathfinder), David McClane (MVYMCA) and Kristin Ross-Sitcawich (CTI).

Network Updates:

  1. Network Update from Partners

Emmaus – Flex funds exhausted for this quarter. Individual re-housing cases are pending placement through MHSA/HPRP funds. They are reporting that agencies are already beginning to refer families for Home Base. They recommended that the Regional Housing Network undertake significant outreach/education efforts in order that families and agencies are properly informed as to the parameters of the program as there appears to be a fair amount of misinformation out on this program.

Comfort Home Care – Mass Plant Connect has been funded to provide funding geared to health related programs in the community. Anyone interested should contact Carmenza Brough 978 620-3536. The Network was also advised that Comfort Home care is seeking a MA level MSW to support the management team.

CTI – Discussed ongoing efforts with the Regional Housing Network to create and implement the Home Base program in the Northeast region and the potential application for VA funds for Veterans Employment programming.

CAI – Advised the group that their new drop in site is located at 44 Friend St., Amesbury. Reported that they will be working through the drop in – in coordination with Eliot CHS to generate referrals to Eliot’s CSPECH program. Awaiting EFSP funding. Continue reading

Community Teamwork Inc Employment Opportunities

Human Resources Director
(See Special Instructions within Job Description on How to Apply for this position)
Within established range based on background and experience.
Exempt Full-Time
Open Until 8/8/2011
Open Until 7/12/11
As Needed
As Needed
On-Call Basis

Right Resources Bulletin 7/5/11 – HomeBase

This Week’s News from the Right Resources Blog

July 5, 2011  


FY 2012 State Budget Moves from

Conference Committee to the Governor’s Desk 

Last week the Massachusetts Legislature released its FY 2012 Budget.

The budget proposal which is now on Governor Patrick’s desk includes the new $38.6 million dollar HomeBASE program which will offer homeless and immediately at-risk families a housing alternative to shelter.  The HomeBASE language that came out of conference committee represents a compromise between the House 1, House, and Senate versions.

The inclusion of HomeBASE in the budget is a major reform to the way the Commonwealth assists homeless families.  Below are key components of  HomeBase program (7004-0108) from the Conference Committee budget:

  • Families that face homelessness and are served with HomeBase short-term rental assistance may secure rental housing with the help of the 9 Regional Housing Nonprofits, the Central Massachusetts Housing Alliance, and  Lynn Housing Authority & Neighborhood Development.
  • Assisted Families will pay no more than 35% of their income towards rent and utilities when they are enrolled in the program. HomeBase assistance is capped at three continuous years.
  • Families could also receive up to $4,000 in diversion assistance to avoid homelessness if they don’t need continuous rental assistance.
  • To be eligible for HomeBase families can earn no more than 115% of the federal poverty level, but if they are successful in increasing their incomes while utilizing the program, families could earn up to 50% of area median income without being terminated from the program.
  • Families enrolled in HomeBase will be assigned a stabilization worker and receive stabilization services.
  • Families who have no alternative housing arrangements can be housed in HomeBASE funded temporary accommodations while waiting for a HomeBASE assistance.

CHAPA has posted additional details on the HomeBASE language on its webiste.  Click here for more details. 

In addition to the inclusion of HomeBASE the Conference Committee also included reformed Emergency Assistance (7004-0101) language.  Key components of the EA line item include:

  • To be eligible for EA shelter families can earn no more than 115% of the federal poverty level.
  • Language was included that will allow resources to be transferred to HomeBASE as shelter reliance and need decreases.
  • EA shelter will now be targeted toward:

·         Families at-risk of domestic violence in their current housing

·         Families that are homeless due to fire or natural disaster

·         Families with a head of household 21 years or younger

  • The line item language permits the use of EA to provide shelter for families awaiting assistance from HomeBASE


One Family is pleased that reformed EA language and the new HomeBASE program were included in the Conference Committee budget.  We hope these reforms will allow homeless and at-risk families to access housing assistance more quickly without having to enter shelter to get the help they need.

We would like to extend our appreciation to the Patrick-Murray Administration and the Massachusetts State Legislature for all their hard work to pass this critical reform.

The budget has been sent to Governor Patrick  who has ten days to approve the budget and can veto specific line item language and appropriations that he does not support.

Click here for the FY 2012 Conference Committee Language for EA and HomeBASE Continue reading