Homeless Outreach to Lowell’s Tent Cities

In late winter we detailed our outreach to the Beaver Brook homeless camp site and there is some good news to report as result of outreach done today by myself and our Veteran Specialist, Roland Cartier.

The site we visited with and did some re-housing from went from having nine individuals living there to having just three. One gentleman we engaged today is certainly motivated to re-house and is willing to allow us to assist him in this process. We are already working with another female that continues to reside in this camp. Continue reading

VASH Voucher Information Session ~ April 3, 2013


Veterans Affairs Supportive Housing (VASH)

To apply for the VA Bedford HUD-VASH program, Veteran’s must attend one of our informational sessions Continue reading

Beaver Brook Camp Updates – ID’s, Employment & Re-Housing

A couple of weeks back, we had documented, here, our visit to the Beaver Brook Homeless Camps. Response from our readers was fantastic and we wanted to provide you with a brief update.


1. As you may recall, a lack of valid identification was a barrier for one individual. As it turns out, the license had been suspended due to an unpaid fine. We were able to determine what the fine was and allocate funds to have the license reinstated. The VERY NEXT DAY, this gentleman had a job. Continue reading

Day 3 – $5 Gift Cards for Medication Co-Pays, Toiletries, Food & Coffee – Small Give = BIG Impact

gift cardHere is a small give that packs a Big Impact.

As mentioned in previous posts, no give is too small, even a $5 dollar gift card.

While $5 may not seem like a lot, here are some gift card ideas that have a terrific impact:

  1. CVS/Rite Aid/Walgreens for prescription co-pays/OTC medicine – chronic illness & mental issues are often intertwined within our homeless population. The ability to secure the appropriately prescribed medication to treat an illness is a great prevention tool for our homeless men and women. Once again, “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure”. Continue reading

Day 2 – An Ounce of Prevention is a Pound of Cure…First Aid Kits for Homeless Men & Women

First Aid Kit

As Ben Frankin once said, “an ounce of prevention is a pound of cure“. In brief, if we prevent a problem from occurring in the first place, it will save a great deal more in time, effort and cost than it would in trying to repair the damage done later because we hadn’t paid attention to possible problems earlier.

The same holds true for our homeless men and women who are living unsheltered in our community. These men and women are far more susceptible to sustaining minor injuries and have diminished access to basic medical care to address even the simplest of injuries. For example; scrapes, gashes, cuts, gashes, etc.  If left unaddressed, these minor injuries can turn into permanent scarring, slow to heal wounds, infection that spreads and ultimately, very expensive medical care. Continue reading

Brrrr..Baby, It’s Cold Outside! Day 1 – Cold Weather Survival – Ways You Can Assist Our Homeless Men and Women


Over the coming weeks, we’ll be posting 26 ways that you can provide assistance to men and women who our homeless in the City of Lowell. Ideas will range from providing support for those are homeless to what you can do to support an individual as they move into permanent housing.

Many don’t require any money to be spent, some do. These are items/resources that you may already have on hand and looking to purge or you have some dough and like to shop – these ideas will be right up your alley. You can undertake these projects yourself, as a family, friends, a business, interfaith community or organization.

No give is too small or too big. In then end, all  that matters is that you pulled your own community together to provide for those that are FAR less fortunate than most.

Day 1 – Cold Weather Survival

No Need to remind any our readers, today is cold. Crazy Cold. If one is homeless on a day like today, frostbite and hypothermia ( def: unusually low body temperature: dangerously low body temperature caused by prolonged exposure to cold and may be fatal) are serious medical concerns for our homeless men and women. Here is an interesting report from the National Coalition for the Homeless on the effects of harsh elements on homeless individuals. Continue reading

Beaver Brook Homeless Camp Revisited

The response and readership to my previous post “What Does Bone Cancer, $25 ID’s and Homeless Re-Housing Have in Common” has been terrific with more than 500 readers to just this post alone since the article was published at 3:30pm on Sunday 12/30/12.

Dear Reader, we are so grateful you took the time to read up on this challenge that exists within our very own community.

The individuals who reside at the Beaver Brook Campsite were grateful for the supplies (hand/foot warmers, toiletries, blankets, MRE’s, clothing and shoes). These same people were engaging and quite willing to tell their stories, to us, complete strangers. They also allowed us, or rather, Howl in Lowell-Digital Media Editor-Photographer-Extraordinaire, Tori Germann to take some photographs to document our mission. I say mission, because this is a mission. It is a mission to alleviate suffering and work with our neighbors to give them a lift-up, galvanizing our community to take ownership, no matter how small the part. And yes, while these men and women live in tents along the Merrimack River, they are indeed our neighbors. Continue reading

What Does Bone Cancer, $25 ID’s and Homeless Re-Housing Have in Common?

If you live or work in the City of Lowell, have come to Lowell to attend an event or visit relatives or friends, you may have noticed a makeshift “camp” along the banks of the Merrimack River. Camps that have been built with the refuse of the neighborhoods that surround them. This is survival.

They are veterans, young, middle aged, elderly men and women. Their individual stories are unique, their current circumstance unites them, all with the same issue. Homelessness.


Yesterday (photo above), Centralville resident, Paul Belley invited myself, along with Kim Scott, Tom Michaels, Roland Cartier and Tori Germann to make the trek down to the camp at Beaver Brook. There we were greeted by 9 men and women who call that area their home for lack of housing. Continue reading

Lowell Career Center – Celebrating Our Heroes at Home – Job Fair

for the flier, click here


at the Career Center of Lowell
107 Merrimack Street, Lowell MA 01852
Go to http://www.cclowell.org for directions & parking information

Tuesday, November 13th, 2012, 10am-12pm
Registration is Required
To register, please call (978) 805-4741 or email specialevents@cclowell.org with your NAME and MEMBER NUMBER

**National Grid**
National Grid is hiring veterans! Come hear about their energy program and jobs – get your questions answered.

**Veteran’s Benefits**
Learn About Veteran’s Benefits-home loans, education, tax breaks! Eric LeMarche, the City of Lowell Veterans Service Officer will present information on Veteran’s Benefits and how to access them.
Continue reading