CTI Seeking Housing Consumer Education Counselor Team Member

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Housing Consumer Education Counselor
Are you interested in a position that will make a difference in your life and the lives of others? Community Teamwork is a private non-profit organization with over 400 employees dedicated to reducing barriers and creating opportunities for low income individuals and families.
In addition to fully utilizing your skills, Community Teamwork offers opportunities for continued professional development and career growth. Great teams, a competitive salary and
well above average benefits including a generous contribution to employee 401k plans make Community Teamwork a highly regarded employer. We are seeking a Housing Consumer Education Counselor to provide assistance to clients seeking HCEC services, including making referrals, assessing client needs and providing counseling and education to clients related to housing and utility assistance issues. Responsibilities also include working with challenging client situations; leading, co-leading and assisting in the expansion and development of HCEC workshops; outreach activities to clients
and community; managing data entry and database tracking; statistical reporting; following guidelines and requirements of HCEC funding sources; attending meetings and trainings.

CTI’s Housing Education Center Seeking Two New Team Members


If you are seeking a busy work environment, have experience helping people problem solve around housing challenges this opportunity is for you!

We are seeking two Housing Consumer Education Counselors with one counselor sited in our North Shore housing education center. Below is the job description. To apply, click here


¨      Provides assistance to clients seeking Housing Consumer Education Center services and makes referrals to other resources when appropriate. 

¨      Assesses client needs through intake, which include services requested by the client, the services provided to the client, and other needs that the counselor and client determine.  Continue reading

Are you a hoarder? Know some who is?


Hoarding Resources

Compulsive hoarding is defined as the acquisition of and failure to discard a large number of possessions that appear to be useless or of limited value. Homes become so cluttered that tenant’s can- not live in them safely. Exits become blocked, kitchens and bathrooms become difficult to move around in and clutter becomes a fire hazard. Hoarding behavior can result in a tenancy termination.

Here are a few resources if you, a family member or friend is experiencing this challenge


North Shore Elder Services


Merrimack Valley Elder Services


Sort it Out (Natick)


National Organization of Chronic Disorganization


Organizing Specialists


Clutter Workshop


Home VNA


Massachusetts Home Care


Action Emergency Homeless Shelter (Gloucester)


Eric Z Disposal


We Get Rid of It


House Works


Big Brother Big Sister Foundation

 (free pick up)


Salvation Army


Got Books


Junk Out


The Wish Project (Greater Lowell)

no home pick up


Home Goods Recycling Ministries (Acton)


St. Vincent DePaul  

(free pick up)

click here

Boomerangs/Aids Action Committee

 (free pick up)


Savers Thrift Stores

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Employment Opportunities at Community Teamwork


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Early HeadStart Teacher/FSW Non-Exempt Full-Time
Bus Monitor Non-Exempt Full-Time
WIC Nutritionist Non-Exempt Full-Time
Housing Consumer Education Counselor Non-Exempt Full-Time Continue reading

Tips for Grocery Shopping on a Budget


Some great tips courtesy of CTI’s Financial Literacy department about how to save money when you shop for groceries:

Grocery Shopping on a Shoe-String

·       Create a menu for the week and only buy the ingredients you need.

·       Take inventory of your cupboard so you won’t buy something you do not need.

·       Gather coupons online, in newspapers and store flyers and/or try a coupon swap with neighbors, friends, etc. Continue reading

Housing Education Works! Check Out Our Site Reorg.


For those that frequently visit the Merrimack Valley Regional Network Blog, you may/or may not have noticed that we have reduced the number of “pages” which are located at the top of the blog. While these pages may have been eliminated, they have been recreated as flyers that you the viewer may download and print for your own or another’s use.

The CTI Housing Consumer Education Center provides information and referral resources across 41 communities in Northeastern Massachusetts. Our territory covers Greater Lowell, Lawrence, Haverhill, North Shore and Cape Ann. The single most effective tool for us to distribute our housing education materials is through the use of this blog.

The flyers are located to the right hand side of the screen under “Housing Education Flyers” and PLEASE, if there is a topic that you are interested in and do not see listed, please let us know so that we can make that available to you. Chances are someone else is experiencing a similar challenge.

Housing Education Flyers Continue reading

Poor Credit Barrier to Quality Housing – Accessing Your Credit Report


Here in the Housing Consumer Education Center we find, frequently that quality housing options are hard to come by due to poor credit.

Naturally, a property owner or management company wants to ensure that a prospective tenant has a positive debt payment history and can meet their monthly financial responsibilities. Continue reading

Are You Being Evicted? What You Should Know.


Are You Being Evicted?  What You Should Know

  1. Tenants are not obligated to move out of a unit upon receipt of a 14 day or 30 day notice to quit or when a tenant receives a Summons & Complaint
  2. Tenants have an absolute right to go before a judge
  3. All towns in Greater Lowell are part of the Northeast Housing Court jurisdiction. Tenants have the right to have their evictions heard in this court and have the right to transfer eviction cases from the district court to the housing court.
  4. It can take several months for a tenant to be evicted after the date that they have received a Notice to Quit.
  5. Tenants should NOT ignore a Summons & Complaint
  6. Tenants have the right to raise claims and defenses related to the condition of their apartment and related action of the landlord.  It is illegal for a landlord to attempt to evict a tenant for reporting health code violations to the Board of Health. It is illegal for a landlord to change the locks, shut of water, electricity and/or gas to a tenant he/she is attempting to evict.
  7. Tenants have a right to file an answer and discovery once they receive a Summons & Complaint.
  8. Court forms may be found at www.masslegalhelp.org or through Merrimack Valley Legal Services 35 John St. 3rd fl, Lowell, MA. These forms are designed to be completed by those who are not attorneys.
  9. If the landlord owes a tenant more money than the tenant owes the landlord, the landlord cannot win.
  10. The only individual authorized to request that a tenant leave a unit, is a judge. Even then, the 48 hour notice must be delivered in hand to the tenant, by a constable or Sheriff.
  11. When a tenant is moved out by a constable this is called levying on an execution. When this is done, the landlord/constable is required to hire a moving company, to pay that company to move the tenant’s belongings into storage and to pay the first months storage cost. The landlord may seek repayment for moving and storage from the tenant.
  12. Notes: The court will still order an eviction during the winter time, at Christmas time, when a person is disabled, when a person is elderly and/or when there are small children in the home. A landlord may not raise the rent without the tenants agreement and a security deposit may not be higher than the first month’s rent.



CTI Housing Consumer Education Center – July 2013 Newsletter

Eligibility for DTA Shelter Placement

Family shelter access is limited to households with minor children. Families seeking shelter through DTA must provide the following documentation:

▪ Foreclosure or judgment for possession in an eviction (Notice to Quit is not enough); or

▪ Overcrowding conditions or uncorrected state sanitary code violations from Board of health or other code enforcement agency; or

▪ Written assessment of threat to health and/or safety provided by domestic violence specialist or housing search provider; or

▪ Written statement from a medical authority describing a medical condition of a family member causing the family to leave its residence; or

▪ Report signed by Fire Dept. or Police/Arson Squad or verbal verification by a member of the Red Cross present at the scene, pending a written report in 5 days; or Continue reading