LTLC Winter (Protocol) Ceasing Operation 4/1/13

homeless shelter bed

David McCloskey, Executive Director at Lowell Transitional Living Center has advised that the Winter (Protocol) Emergency Bed program will cease operations. The last evening that they will take guests into this program will be 3/31/13. Questions? Cal (978) 458-9888

Support a Veteran – Join us – April 19 @ the Polish American Veterans

All proceeds from this fundraiser will go toward direct assistance to Veterans served through Community Teamwork, Inc. For tickets contact Roland Cartier at 978-654-5613 or email


VASH Voucher Information Session ~ April 3, 2013


Veterans Affairs Supportive Housing (VASH)

To apply for the VA Bedford HUD-VASH program, Veteran’s must attend one of our informational sessions Continue reading

Employment Opportunities at Community Teamwork, Inc

more info? click here

Database Administrator Exempt Full-Time
Chief Program Officer Exempt Full-Time
Farmer Resource Coordinator Exempt Full-Time
Construction Trainer Non-Exempt Full-Time
Assistant Center Director Exempt Full-Time
Assistant Teacher Non-Exempt Full & Part-Time Continue reading

Beaver Brook Camp Updates – ID’s, Employment & Re-Housing

A couple of weeks back, we had documented, here, our visit to the Beaver Brook Homeless Camps. Response from our readers was fantastic and we wanted to provide you with a brief update.


1. As you may recall, a lack of valid identification was a barrier for one individual. As it turns out, the license had been suspended due to an unpaid fine. We were able to determine what the fine was and allocate funds to have the license reinstated. The VERY NEXT DAY, this gentleman had a job. Continue reading

Day 4 – “Sock It” to Homelessness – Sock Drive – Operation Warm Feet

white socks

Clean, white socks are a staple of homeless health care and First Aid for homeless individuals. See here, for an article on First Aid Kits for homeless individuals. Dry socks, good fitting shoes are key to reducing the cost of medical care for our homeless men and women. Continue reading

Day 3 – $5 Gift Cards for Medication Co-Pays, Toiletries, Food & Coffee – Small Give = BIG Impact

gift cardHere is a small give that packs a Big Impact.

As mentioned in previous posts, no give is too small, even a $5 dollar gift card.

While $5 may not seem like a lot, here are some gift card ideas that have a terrific impact:

  1. CVS/Rite Aid/Walgreens for prescription co-pays/OTC medicine – chronic illness & mental issues are often intertwined within our homeless population. The ability to secure the appropriately prescribed medication to treat an illness is a great prevention tool for our homeless men and women. Once again, “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure”. Continue reading

Day 2 – An Ounce of Prevention is a Pound of Cure…First Aid Kits for Homeless Men & Women

First Aid Kit

As Ben Frankin once said, “an ounce of prevention is a pound of cure“. In brief, if we prevent a problem from occurring in the first place, it will save a great deal more in time, effort and cost than it would in trying to repair the damage done later because we hadn’t paid attention to possible problems earlier.

The same holds true for our homeless men and women who are living unsheltered in our community. These men and women are far more susceptible to sustaining minor injuries and have diminished access to basic medical care to address even the simplest of injuries. For example; scrapes, gashes, cuts, gashes, etc.  If left unaddressed, these minor injuries can turn into permanent scarring, slow to heal wounds, infection that spreads and ultimately, very expensive medical care. Continue reading