SSI & SSDI Application Training Availability

Many thanks to Elaine Miller at Community Action, Inc. for forwarding this invaluable training resource!

Helping Clients with their SSI/SSDI Disability Applications?

Are You Frustrated with the Red Tape?

Make your job easier – Work smarter!

The Disability Determination Services (DDS) is the agency that makes the medical decisions on SSI/SSDI disability claims. As that agency’s statewide HIV/Homeless Liaison, Clare Deucher conducts trainings throughout Massachusetts for Case Managers within HIV and Homeless organizations.

Trainings are scheduled to match your staff’s convenience. They are short, to-the-point presentations, in easy to understand terms that demystify the bureaucracy. You will learn the differences between the SSI and the SSDI programs, how the Social Security Administration and the Disability Determination Services differ in their roles, who to contact at DDS for best results, what forms will speed the process, and what evidence is required to complete a claim.

You will receive hands-on materials that case managers can use when a client is pursuing Social Security disability benefits. Time will be given to answer any questions about the disability program.

The ultimate goal is for our agencies to work cooperatively together to benefit our mutual clients. Understanding how the system works makes everyone’s job easier!

Since 1979, Clare Deucher has been a staff member of DDS, evaluating HIV claims for twelve years, supervising the Homeless Unit for five years, and more recently, as the Statewide HIV/Homeless Liaison. Clare has provided more than 75 of these trainings across Massachusetts. She is also available as a workshop presenter for local and national conferences, as well as a participant at the Homeless Veteran Stand Downs, Project Connects, and other homeless or HIV events.

E-mail to set up training for your staff!


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