Additional Utility Assistance for Those With Low Income

Thanks  Elaine Miller at Community Action for the Information!


As of 10/1/09 National Grid took over the enrollment of ELECTRIC customers in this program. The enrollment of GAS customers will begin on 11/1/09.

The program is open to any customer enrolled in any means-tested public benefit or Fuel Assistance whose utility service is ACTIVE.

It is designed to get the customer on a level monthly payment plan so that by the end of the enrollment period the customer’s bill balance should be zero.

A customer’s gas and or electric bill must be at least $300 in arrears (60 days). There is no upper limit.

The maximum arrearage forgiveness or write off is $1500.

The forgiveness will be on a monthly basis, so if the forgiveness amount is $1500, and the plan is for 24 months, the forgiveness in the form of a credit on the bill would be $62.50 / month.

Once enrolled in AMP, the customer will be deemed in default if they miss two consecutive month’s payments and will be removed from the program just prior to the third consecutive billing date.

If a customer defaults after they have received the monthly credit(s) the credits remain.

Those currently enrolled in the Old AMP / LAMP, who were enrolled by Fuel Assistance, will automatically be enrolled in the New AMP.

Those who defaulted under the Old AMP / LAMP will be allowed to enroll in the New AMP.

Those that completed the 24 month payment plan under the Old AMP / LAMP can’t enroll in the New AMP. It is a one time only program.

Once a LIHEAP eligible AMP customer has his / her grant amount determined and National Grid is notified, the monthly payment will be adjusted.

Here is an example: Joe Jones owes $2300 on his gas bill and is in arrears at least 60 days. His total gas bills over the most recent 12 months were $2500.  To calculate his monthly payment you deduct the $1500 write off which leaves $800 that he still must pay on his arrearage. His payment plan is for 24 months. Add the $800 to the $2500 (x2) for $5800 and divide by 24. His monthly payment will be $241.67. However, once Joe is deemed eligible for, let’s say, $900 in Fuel Assistance, that would be deducted from the $5800 so his monthly payment would drop to $204.17. If he gets accepted for another $900 in Fuel Assistance in the second 12 months of the program his payments would drop to $166.67.

National Grid will also monitor the gas usage every six months and adjust the monthly payment either up or down depending on the change in the usage.

To enroll the customer needs to call 1-800-233-5325 for Gas and 1-888-211-1313 for Electric. They need to provide their utility account number, proof of their enrollment in a means-tested public program, and a daytime phone number.


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