New Homeless: Working & Poor – Lowell Sun

Rita Savard, reporter for the Lowell Sun had phoned me last week, and we had spoken for a short time about a series of articles that the Lowell Sun will be writing around the issues of Hunger and Homelessness. The first in the series, “New Homeless: Working, Poor” is in today’s Lowell Sun on the front page, at the top of the fold. 

I encourage you to read this article, as I’m sure it rings a familiar tone in your own community.

For those reading this blog, that are unaware, I wear many the community of Lowell and across the region. One of the hats I wear is as the Chairperson for the City of Lowell’s Hunger Homeless Commission.

In the Merrimack Valley Region we are doing great things. Well before the ICHH regional initiative went into place, the region has been rather preemptive with many of these issues; implementing family homeless prevention programs and rehousing individual homelessness men and women, through a fantastic network of non profits.

Stay tuned. More good things to come. 


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