For the Homeless, A Fresh Start Means A New Home- Lowell Sun

Many, many thanks once again to Rita Savard from the Lowell Sun for writing yet another amazing story; this time on the plight of the homeless individual. You can read the whole article here.

In this particular case, I had worked with Patrick, about whom this article is written, in my tenure as the Director of the Pathfinder/ Safe Haven program here in Lowell.

Patrick encapsulated for many, the origins from which many of come from come and the consequences of the dark paths that any one of us may take in the course of our lives.

Fortunately, Patrick had the will and the drive to overcome the choices he had made. Certainly, his story is inpsiring for many, however, when ever I see him and speak with him..I beam with pride for he and his accomplishments as it was no small feat.


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