Boston Police Launches Patrol to Help Homeless – Boston Herald

Great article in this mornings Boston Herald by O’Ryan Johnson, about the launch of an initive in the City of Boston, dedicating a small team of police officers to ensure that individuals who live their lives on the streets. are tended. Initiatives such as this do pay dividends. I’m sure, if BPD had done a cost analysis on the number of interactions with the police and the courts alone, they will have realized a good deal of cost savings.

 More importantly, the men and women whom they are looking after on the streets of Boston, are being treated in a much more humane manner…

The Boston Police Department’s recently formed Street Outreach Team is a two-person, walking, talking ounce of prevention aimed at helping the homeless and easing the load on city services that help them.

ON DUTY: Officers Alexander Zahlaway...

Officers Alexander Zahlaway and Michelle Maffeo volunteered for the duty a year ago and now spend hours of their shift listening to the homeless, their stories, their problems, their needs and their complaints, with the goal of keeping them warm, safe, fed and out of trouble. Continue reading here….


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