More Americans Going Hungry..Of Course! We Knew that Already!

A report on the state of food security for Americans was just released yesterday. Tragically, 1 in 7 Americans experience significant food insecurity.

More Americans going hungry

The number of Americans who lack dependable access to adequate food shot
up last year to 49 million, the largest number since the government has
been keeping track, according to a new report released Monday.

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While fulfilling the needs of every American may seem daunting and near impossible, our focus as a region could have a tremendous impact. The City of Lowell’s Hunger Homeless Commission has been pondering for the past year, how the food service providers (homeless shelters), community feeding programs, food pantries and food banks can better streamline their reporting and maximize the resources available.

Recently, discussions have taken a turn where we are exploring the possibility of grant procurement for the purposes of facilitating a thorough City of Lowell -Wide Food Security Assessment.

The hope is that, with a solid base of data, we as a community would be better able to strategize over the long term how we access and deliver food resources within the community and more importantly, how we access funding sources.

So, I go back to the title of “Americans Going Hungry”..of course..look at the outside of a food pantry on any given day or take a peek at a packed dining room at our local shelters and churches. It’s all there in full color and it’s up to us as a community work to end that insecurity for our neighbors. In the mean time, if you can, take a moment and go through your pantries or cupboards or pick up a few extra items when you are out shopping and donate to a local food pantry, food bank or homeless shelter.  We can assure you, that those donations will go out to those that are in desperate need.


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