St Paul’s Kitchen in Lowell Seeking Volunteer Groups!

Many thank to Amy Pessia at the Merrimack Valley Food Bank for passing this on!

Good Afternoon

I have approached some of you regarding the possibility of a group of us and our kids helping to serve at St. Paul’s Kitchen in Lowell sometime – and I found out that they need help the first 2 Tuesdays of each month for dinner. 

If you read the description below you’ll get an idea of the commitment, which if spread among 6 – 7 of us, would be manageable even with our crazy schedules.  I wanted to throw this our to you, and see if it sticks, and get an idea of what night of the week would work for the majority of us, and maybe select some dates.  It doesn’t have to be in Nov & Dec., I imagine they get plenty of people who want to help this time of year.  I think they need help more in Feb & March if we want to consider doing it then. 

Feel free to forward this to other people you think may be interested.

I look forward to hearing from you when you have a chance.  Click through here for more information



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