Community Christmas Dinner ~ Lowell Area

Community Christmas Dinner ~ Lowell Area

Community Christian Fellowship 12/25/09 @ 11am to 2pm

    105 Princeton Blvd.

    Lowell, MA 01851


    Pre- registration is preferred

    Christ Church United in Dracut 12/25/09 @ 1 PM.

      Call 978 459 2022 to reserve your space at the table.


      Pathfinder Outreach Program 12/25/09 @ 12:00 noon

        94 Rock St.

        Lowell, MA

        (homeless men and women)


        St. Paul’s Kitchen 12/24/09 @ 5pm

          Summer St.

          Lowell, MA

          (adults & children)


          Lowell Transitional Living Center

            12/25/09 (lunch) 11:45am to 1pm, (dinner) Supper 5:45p to 6:45pm

            209 Middlesex St.

            Lowell, MA 01852


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