Homelessness & Our Faith Based Communities

Here in Lowell and across the country, our interfaith communities have really provided the foundation to what is known today as Social Services. In days gone by and even today, faith communities come together to support their communities to ensure that their brothers and sisters in faith and in the community are well attended.

Walter Bronk from St. Paul’s Kitchen sent me this article, Churches Open Doors To Homeless, in Troy, NY and Brent Rourke from the SHIFT Coalition sent along some information about the Overnights of Hospitality program in Plymouth, as written about in this article on a Plymouth blog and more information on the  Plymouth’s Thanksgiving Day & Events website.

I do know that this idea has been explored locally by some congregations and insurance issues happened to be the prevailing reason why this type of initiative could not be facilitated. Perhaps a field trip to Plymouth is warranted to see how the Overnights of Hospitality program was created and how we may be able to replicate it in our region?

If any of our partners across the region are aware of any similarly fashioned programs, please let us know..


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