The Bronk’s – Most Fascinating People of 2009

As many of you may know, Walter & Rose Bronk, who head up St. Paul’s Kitchen, here in Lowell were received the Community Teamwork “Heroes” Award this Fall for their generosity and commitment in providing meals to those in need for a dozen years and were previously written about in post here at MVRN .

FEEDING THE HUNGRY: Rose and Walter Bronk volunteer at St. Paul’s Kitchen inside the Eliot Church in Lowell. SUN / TORY GERMANN

This past year, St. Paul’s Kitchen went from serving two meals weekly and three meals every other week; to serving meals Monday through Thursday every week of the month.

The City of Lowell’s Hunger Homeless Commission identified this need in our community, the need of many individuals and families who are housed that do not have adequate food resources and/or lack skills to cook or ill access to cooking facilities.

St. Paul’s Kitchen stepped forward, given the need identified and in coordination with the faith based communities,  various community groups and corporate service groups, they expanded their capacity to serve.

The Bronk’s once again have been recognized, and this time as one the Lowell Sun’s 25  Fascinating Individuals for 2009

The Network wishes to recognize the Bronk’s once again for their commitment to the community of Lowell…Question is, how do we duplicate this across the region???

Congratulations Walter & Rose, you so richly deserve the recognition you’ve been given!


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