Family Finance Solutions ~ Income Tax Preparation

Community Teamwork, Inc.

2010 Free Tax Assistance

for those who qualify for the Earned Income Tax Credit

You may qualify if…

P       …you lived with three or more children in 2009 and your family earned less than $43,279 you can get up to $5,657.

P  …you lived with two in 2009 and your family earned less than $40,295 you can get up to $5,028.

P   …you lived with one child in 2009 and your family earned less than $35,463- you can get up to $3,043.

P   …you had no children living with you in 2009 and you earned less than $13,440 and you were between the ages of 25 and 64 – you could get up to $457.

Free, trusted electronic tax preparation will be offered at the following sites:

Community Teamwork, Inc.

169 Merrimack Street, 3rd floor- Lowell, MA 01852

DROP IN-no appointment needed

Day: Saturdays        Dates: From Feb. 6th through April 10th

Time: 9 am- 12 pm    Location: Community Teamwork Inc.-


Community Teamwork, Inc.

126 Phoenix Avenue- Lowell, MA 01852

For complete list of documents you’ll need to bring or for directions, please call: 978-654-5080 ext 24.

Day: Wednesdays          Dates: From Feb. 3rd through April 7th

Time: 2 pm- 6 pm          Location: Community Teamwork Inc.-

What if I am not a US citizen? Many immigrants are eligible for the EITC, including green card holders, refugees and others legally authorized to work. Taxpayers will need to have social security cards or TIN cards for themselves and each dependant. The EITC will NOT hurt your immigration status.

I work and get public assistance benefits; will I lose these benefits if I claim EITC? The EITC does not count as income in determining eligibility for Food Stamps, SSI, Medicaid, cash assistance or public housing.

What should I bring? Social Security Cards for yourself, your spouse and each dependent, picture ID for self and spouse, all w-2 and 1099 forms, last year’s tax return if you have it, proof of health insurance and any other relevant information about your income and expenses for the 2008 year.

*Bilingual preparers will be available for several languages.  Please call ahead to let us know.

FYI: No itemized deductions; short form is preferred.

For a faster refund – Those who choose to have their refund electronically deposited into their bank account will receive their refund sooner!


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