Three Hard Words ~ I Need Help ~ Families on the Brink

Throughout the Merrimack Valley and beyond, we’ve heard of  and seen many families who, at one time were comfortable, paying bills, sustaining. Increasingly as wages are cut, jobs lost, etc..these once “stable” are now on the brink.

In this mornings Lowell Sun, Rita Savard has written yet another piece on those struggling in our community

“From the outside, Robert Gallagher has an enviable life: a good marriage, a nice house and two great kids.

But in October, he joined the legions of unemployed workers in Massachusetts. A few weeks ago, so did his wife, Kim.

“We were never rich, but we’ve lived comfortably,” he said. “This was something we just didn’t plan for.”

With mounting bills and four mouths to feed, the family had to prioritize. Food. Utilities. School fees for the kids. Something had to fall behind, and unfortunately it was the rent. On Jan. 4, an eviction notice arrived. more here


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