One Family Launches Online Interactive Resource Map

The ICHH Executive Director, Liz Curtis, has officially rolled out the One Family Online Interactive Resource Map, that details where homelessness prevention and rapid rehousing resources are located throughout the Commonwealth..

Please see the link below for a Google map of all ICHH and HPRP resources in Massachusetts, which was launched at a statewide forum on Best Practices targeted to those recipients yesterday. This represents where the $8.25 million in ICHH resources are located as well as the $45 million in HPRP resources that are administered through either entitlement communities or DHCD. When you click on an icon on the map information will pop up about the service provider in that area, the contact information for referrals, the basic types of resources they have available, and the population they serve.

I’d like to thank One Family, Inc. and Emily Cohen for leading this effort, the entitlement communities and DHCD for providing a great deal of information, and Laila Bernstein and Sarah Jensen from the ICHH for helping track down information. I’d also like to thank each of the ICHH and HPRP recipients for their tremendous work and dedication to using these resources effectively and collaboratively.

One Family will work to maintain accuracy of this information over time, and we are very excited to have all of these new resources mapped out in a way that we expect to improve access and coordination. Please forward this along to any of your colleagues or staff.

Click here to view and use the map!


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