This Weeks Right Resources Bulletin from One Family

This Week’s News from the ICHH Regional Networks and the Right Resources Bulletin Board
February 1, 2010

January 28, 2010

Dear Friends and Partners,

Last week One Family, in partnership with the Fireman Foundation, MHSA and the ICHH hosted a best and emerging practices forum in Worcester. It was an excellent event that highlighted programs from across the state that have taken on new and innovative ways of ending homelessness locally. This local perspective was complemented by the keynote address from Norm Suchar from the National Alliance to End Homelessness who offered a federal level perspective on changes that will be implemented at part of the HEARTH Act. Additionally we were fortunate to have Lt. Governor Murray, Undersecretary Brooks from DHCD, ICHH Executive Director Liz Curtis, and the Director of Housing Stabilization Robert Pulster address the important changes taking place in the Commonwealth around the implementation of HPRP, ICHH innovations, and other reforms taking place with DHCD.

Every presenter reinforced the powerful message that we must change our focus from sheltering homeless people to housing them.

Due to the snow, we made a decision to cut the regional discussion sessions out of the agenda and adjourn early.  We think we made the right decision to get everyone home safely.  However, now we must re-convene these discussions in each region, either in person or online.  Please strike while the iron is hot to schedule time to talk about how to incorporate key success factors from these best and emerging practices into your work and planning.Guiding discussion questions are posted on the Right Resouces Bulletin Board to
help kick-off this conversation.

One Family was also excited to launch our new HPRP/ ICHH Client Access Map. The map and accompanying spreadsheet can be found on our website at
It is our hope that this map and spreadsheet will serve as a useful tool for families, individuals, and providers to find the best and most appropriate services for those in need. If you have any updates to the information listed for your organization please email me at

We would like to extend a special thank you to all of our presenters yesterday including:
Lt. Governor Murray
Undersecretary Tina Brooks, DHCD
Liz Curtis, Executive Director of ICHH
Bob Pulster, Director of Housing Stabilization, DHCD
Emmaus Inc – Rapid Re-Housing for Families
South Shore Network and Father Bill’s & MainSpring – Triage for Individuals and Families
REACH – Region Wide Coordination of Services for Chronically Homeless
Central Mass Housing Alliance – Family Shelter Diversion

And a big ‘thank you’ to all who attended. I know it was a packed day and we appreciate your active participation. And for those of you who were unable to join us please see the presentations offered by all the presenters of the day at the One Family Right Resources Bulletin Board.

Thank you,


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