Community Teamwork Inc. Seeking

Community Teamwork, Inc.

Position Description


Housing Consumer Education Center

Housing and Homeless Services Division


  • Provides assistance to clients seeking HCEC services and makes referrals to other resources when appropriate.
  • Assesses client needs through intake reports, which include services requested by the client, the services provided to the client, and other needs that the counselor and client determine.
  • Provides counseling and education to clients related to housing issues.
  • Works with challenging client situations that require a comprehensive housing counseling response.
  • Assists in the expansion and development of HCEC workshops such as Tenant/Landlord Rights and Responsibilities, Budgeting, Financial Education, etc.
  • Leads and co-leads workshops.
  • Assists in development of outreach activities to clients and community.
  • Manages data entry and database tracking of clients served:  gathering, entering and maintaining client information and relevant data.
  • Assist with statistical reports and tracking long-term outcomes as required by funding source.
  • Follow guidelines and requirements of HCEC funding sources.
  • Attend all meetings and trainings as required by supervisor.
  • Other related duties.


  • Associate’s or Bachelor’s Degree preferred in human services related field
  • 2 years housing search experience required.
  • Experience working with homeless and low-income families and individuals preferred.
  • Strong computer, communication and mathematical skills required.


  • Sensitive to the needs of low income and homeless families and individuals.
  • Bilingual: English/Khmer preferred.

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