Columbus OH Reduces Homelessness by 46%! Introducing the “Columbus Model”

The National Alliance to End Homelessness has highlighted the tremendous success that Columbus, OH has had with the re-engineering of their homeless service delivery programming. Their success is evident in their being able to reduce homelessness by 46% between 1997 to 2004! That, is outstanding. Article here.

The Columbus Model focuses on Four Major Components

  • Becoming a Data Driven System,
  • Performance Measurement and Evaluation,
  • Quality Improvment, and
  • System Overview.
  • These four major components have been put together as a toolkit (with tools & samples) and may be adapted to fit our own communities.

    The article goes on to make a super point about why the Columbus Model is a must read/do in your own community. It’s a heck of alot easier to start the process NOW, rather than being behind the eight-ball when the Federal system converts.

    Why do you care? You care because next year, the Department of Housing and Urban Development is going to get serious about the outcomes laid out in the HEARTH Act (that’s the reauthorization of the McKinney Vento Grants) – and communities everywhere are going to have to shape up to meet those outcomes. One of the great things about the Columbus Model is that it already meets many of the outcomes laid out in the HEARTH Act – Columbus works on reducing the length of stay, preventing loss of housing, encouraging rapid re-housing, housing stability, data collection, performance measurement, and a number of the other goals that will be required upon the implementation of the HEARTH Act.


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