Financially Hers in Honor of Women’s Month

In Honor of Womens Month

Community Teamwork Inc.  Presents  Its Inaugural Women’s Conference


FinanciallyHers will empower women to be strong, independent financial decision

makers in an environment where they can build their competency relating to their

money decisions in life. Participants will choose a study track and attend morning

and afternoon workshops. Workshops within each track are designed to help

them begin achieving their financial goals.

Date: Saturday, March 12, 2011      Time: 10:00am-4:00pm

Location: Stoklosa Middle School     Registration Fee: $10

Lowell, MA 01852

Track 1: Money Management

Track 2: Savings and Investments

Track 3: How to Start a Home-Based Business

Track 4: Protecting Yourself Against Identity Theft

To register go to or call (978) 654-5080 ext. 11


HUD Releases FY12 Budget Proposal


Spending blue print focuses on fiscal discipline, creating strong, sustainable, inclusive communities and quality affordable homes

WASHINGTON – U.S. Housing and Urban Development (HUD) Secretary Shaun Donovan today unveiled HUD’s fiscal year 2012 budget proposal. Titled Creating Strong, Sustainable, Inclusive Communities and Quality Affordable Homes the budget seeks to help lead America out of an unprecedented economic crisis and ensure our economy is competitive – growing and working for all Americans. HUD is taking responsibility for our deficit, by investing in what makes America stronger and cutting what doesn’t.

“The budget provides a roadmap for HUD to work with our regional and local partners to win the future by investing in innovation, building neighborhoods that are connected to jobs and providing greater access to opportunity, so American businesses and communities are the best in the world” said Donovan. “The President has said that we need to live within our means to invest in the future. That has meant tough choices, including to programs that, absent the fiscal situation, we would not cut. But American families are tightening their belts and we need to do the same.”

The President is submitting this budget in an economic environment that is significantly improved from when the he took office.  An economy that was shrinking is growing again – and instead of rapid job loss, more than a million private sector jobs were created in the last year. But there’s still more work to be done to ensure that America and its workers can compete and win in the 21st century.   HUD’s FY 2012 budget tackles these challenges head on in the following ways:

Ø  by helping responsible families at risk of losing their homes and meeting the need for quality affordable rental housing;

Ø  by transforming neighborhoods of poverty and ensuring that children there have access to the quality education we need to compete in the 21st century; Continue reading

CTI Offeriing Representative Payee Services

Community Teamwork, Inc
is pleased to offer
Representative Payee Services

Do you have clients who receive SSI and/or SSDI and
are having a hard time managing their money?

The Representative Payment Program provides financial
management for SSI and SSDI beneficiaries who are
incapable of managing their payments and do not have
friends and family to serve as payees.

As an Organizational Representative Payee provider, CTI
will assume the financial management of beneficiaries’ SSI
and SSDI payments, ensuring their financial
responsibilities are met.

Once enrolled in the program,
CTI will receive the clients SSI and/or SSDI check(s) and
pay their rent and utilities with the funds. A nominal fee
will be deducted from the clients’ funds for administration
and any remaining funds will be budgeted and distributed
to the client in agreed upon regular intervals.

For more information call Patty Puglisi at 978-459-0551 x 331  or to set up an intake for your clients.

SouthGate Place – Community Based Housing Unit Availability

Southgate Place in Worcester is a 25-unit family development which has three CBH units:

one  2 -bedroom fully accessible
one 1-bedroom fully accessible
one 2-bedroom adaptable units available.

These  units   have  a project based  section 8  voucher .

To  begin the application process please complete the attached section 8 pre-application and the CBH certification form and send to  Krissy Buteau at RCAP (the section 8 administrator).

Mail the application to:
RCAP Solutions
205 School Street PO Box 159
Gardner, MA 01440-0159

For questions on this part of the application, contact Krissy at 978-630-6701 or via e-mail at  Maloney Properties will be the managment company.

To receive the actual housing application please contact Joe Salvia at 781-943-0200.

As with all CBH units, individuals must have a disability,  be currently in an institution or at-risk of institutionalization  and not be clients of DMH or DDS (formerly DMR) .    Attached to this e-mail is a copy of the CBH certification form  and the  RCAP  project based voucher  pre- application .  If you have any questions feel free to call Maggie Dionne at 617-204-3761.

Free Legal Advice For Housing Related Issues @ CTI


Housing Consumer Education Center

Community Teamwork,Inc.
167DuttonSt. Lowell

• Facing eviction?
• Living with poor conditions?
• Denied public housing or Section 8?
• Landlord withholding your security deposit?

The LAST Wednesday of every month 10:00-12:00(byappt.only)

Call today for an appointmentPhone: 978-459-0551x 375

An intake MUST be completed prior to the appointment.


ADS Training – Housing, Homeless & Social Inclusion

SAMHSA ADS Center Training Teleconference

Housing, Homelessness, and Social
Inclusion: Essential Elements of Healthy

February 23, 2011

“Reconnecting to a viable sense of self and community is a crucial step in the recovery process for people who have experienced homelessness.” (National Health Care for the Homeless, 2005)

Homelessness has become a widespread public health issue with an estimated 671,859 people experiencing homelessness on any given night in the United States. (National Alliance to End Homelessness, 2010) Stable housing is an essential human need and is a key social determinant of both health and mental health. Many who become homeless have a history of either childhood or adult trauma, or both, that can lead to the development of mental health problems and/or substance use disorders which become worse when an individual lives on the streets or in shelters.


The SAMHSA ADS Center invites you to a free training teleconference titled “Housing, Homelessness, and Social Inclusion: Essential Elements of Healthy Communities.”

Continue reading