CTI Offeriing Representative Payee Services

Community Teamwork, Inc
is pleased to offer
Representative Payee Services

Do you have clients who receive SSI and/or SSDI and
are having a hard time managing their money?

The Representative Payment Program provides financial
management for SSI and SSDI beneficiaries who are
incapable of managing their payments and do not have
friends and family to serve as payees.

As an Organizational Representative Payee provider, CTI
will assume the financial management of beneficiaries’ SSI
and SSDI payments, ensuring their financial
responsibilities are met.

Once enrolled in the program,
CTI will receive the clients SSI and/or SSDI check(s) and
pay their rent and utilities with the funds. A nominal fee
will be deducted from the clients’ funds for administration
and any remaining funds will be budgeted and distributed
to the client in agreed upon regular intervals.

For more information call Patty Puglisi at 978-459-0551 x 331  or to set up an intake for your clients.


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