Department of Training & Development Seeking Job Developer



POSITION TITLE: Job Developer/Job Placement Specialist

SUPERVISOR: NEG Project Manager

JOB GROUP: 14 Union (35 hours per week)

SALARY RANGE: $35,053.20 – $42,588.00


The Job Developer/ Placement Specialist will be responsible for comprehensive job placement services to customers including but not limited to: marketability determination, job matching, referral, resume assistance, job counseling, job placement and follow-up.  This is a grant specific position.


  • Develops formal connections with companies and employers in order to market the skills, abilities, and qualifications of workers.
  • In conjunction with the existing Job Bank system, develops and maintains current and useable Job Bank of career opportunities specifically tied to worker backgrounds, qualifications, and wage needs.
  • Reviews each customer’s present skills and transferable skills in order to determine marketability.
  • Reviews all customer background information, skills, and current job openings for appropriate job match.
  • Provides current labor market and job trend information to customers.
  • Arranges referral of appropriately matched worker(s) to identified company.
  • Assists in the actual job placement and records all necessary placement information as required by grant and the MOSES system.
  • Provides job placement follow-up services to ensure job retention, job growth and all promotional opportunities.
  • Provides Worker Orientations and Job Development Workshops to identified workers in need of intensive job development strategies and services, including resume and cover letter assistance in both group and one-on-one sessions.
  • Provides on going job counseling services to customers to overcome barriers for job placement.
  • Interacts with other Career Center staff including Business Service Representatives and the Division of Career Services staff to enhance job placement opportunities for all workers.
  • Participates in case conferences with Career Services Advisor staff to provide input and strategic planning.
  • Prepares reports regarding company contacts, potential and actual placement figures for the Career Center Project Manager.
  • Assists other staff with the development, organization and operation of Job Fairs and other specialty recruitment events for workers.
  • Performs other related duties as assigned.


A Bachelor’s Degree in Human Resources, Management/Marketing and Sales, or Education and Counseling is preferred; however, maybe be substituted with 5-7 years experience in job placement assistance and human resource development.  Bilingual English/Spanish required. Must demonstrate strong computer skills and abilities.  A keen working knowledge of local and regional economic conditions relative to job trends and occupational growth areas along with a well established knowledge base of regional and local employer/business community.  The candidate must possess demonstrated ability to work independently and productively in this environment. In addition, strong marketing and oral and written skills a must.  Preference will be given to a former qualified  employee.  Valid Massachusetts driver’s license and reliable transportation is required.

POSTING DATE: Sunday, March 27, 2011

APPLICATION DEADLINE: Friday, April 8, 2011 by 4:00 pm


Human Resources Coordinator

Division of Grants Administration

Heritage Place

439 South Union Street, Bldg. 2

Lawrence, MA  01843

FAX:  978-725-4761


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