Coming Home Directory for Offender Re-Entry Services

With generous support from the Gardiner Howland Shaw Foundation, Community Resources for Justice (CRJ) is
proud to distribute this comprehensive directory of offender reentry services in Greater Boston. We believe this
directory can be an effective tool to assist ex‐offenders, their families and support networks as well as service
providers, community leaders and government officials in establishing stability for people returning to our
This directory is presented by the Crime and Justice Institute (CJI) at CRJ. For more than 130 years, CRJ has been
providing direct care and supportive services to society’s most challenged citizens. CRJ’s direct service programs
range from residential homes for developmentally disabled adults to programs serving troubled youth and men
and women returning home from incarceration. In support of CRJ’s mission, CJI provides nonpartisan consulting,
policy analysis, and research services to improve public safety throughout the country. With our creative, collaborative approaches to today’s most pressing and complex social and public safety problems, we are committed to improving public safety and human service delivery nationwide and in Massachusetts. At CRJ, we know all too well that the transition of offenders from incarceration to the community is a difficult
time for ex‐offenders and this transition affects their families and the communities to which they return. The
needs of the population returning from prison or jail can present significant obstacles to achieving stability. Yet,
there are many services and agencies in these communities that provide the type of assistance that can mean the
difference between an ex‐offender’s success and a return to prison or jail. This effort is intended to identify and
describe these services and distribute this information to as broad an audience as possible. The Directory will continue to be based on the great foundation constructed by the Prisoner Reentry Working Group, the original authors of the Directory. CJI took over production several years ago and will continue to build on the good work that has been done.
The Coming Home Directory website can be found at You can search the
Directory in a number of ways, get contact information, and download and/or print the PDF version of the Directory. Due to the costs of producing the printed version, updates will be published in printed form, annually. However, this website will be updated on a monthly basis. Therefore, please visit the site for the most updated information


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