Community Action Inc – Employment Opportunity

Community Action, Inc

Drop-In Center Assistant, Part-Time

Description: The DIC Assistant assists the Drop In Center Coordinator in managing daily DIC functions, including serving as a client monitor, linking clients with resources, and assisting with meals.

He or she is responsible for providing back-up coverage to the DIC Coordinator.

Hours: 12 or 14 hours weekly, Monday through Thursday mornings.

Hours to be determined in coordination with the DIC Coordinator.

Pay: Approximately $10.00/hour.

Qualifications: BA in Social Services or demonstrated experience working with at-risk populations. Ability to work as part of a team and independently as position dictates. Ability to manage conflict. Ability to lift 20 pounds. Knowledge of substance abuse, HIV, mental illness and issues surrounding homelessness strongly preferred. 14 hour work week includes use of own car to pick up groceries twice weekly.

To Apply: E-mail or mail resume and cover letter or to Pam Wool, Director of Community Services, Community Action Inc. 145 Essex Street, Haverhill,
MA 01832.


CTI’s Small Business Assistance Center 2011-12 Workshops Calender

for more info –, 978-322-8401


Community Teamwork, Inc.’s Small Business Assistance Center

Announces It’s 2011-2012 Small Business Workshops Calendar


LOWELL, MA – August 26, 2011 – Over the last few years, Community Teamwork Inc.’s Small Business Assistance Center has heard from many entrepreneurs that the economic climate has taken a significant toll on small business formation and growth. Additionally, the ability to borrow money to start, sustain or grow a business has been difficult since the economy has not only impaired personal investment capital, but also the ability to access financial services.


To help fill the credit gap the Center recently embarked on a new initiative to serve entrepreneurs in the Merrimack Valley as a microloan lender able to give loans up to $5,000 for qualified businesses. Concurrently, the Center will continue to serve businesses by providing quality workshops which concentrate on financial education and getting the most out of business operations to unlock profitability and strengthen financial standing. These practical workshops provide valuable information for start-up and existing businesses. Workshops start August 31st and run through June 2012. To get a complete list of workshops, call the Center at 978-322-8400 or visit The Center also offers free one-on-one counseling and a resource library.


“The goal of our workshops is to provide small business owners with additional tools and new ideas to strengthen their capacity and increase profitability. Perhaps they will learn how to better manage costs, more effectively manage inventory, or improve upon a marketing strategy,” said Hargis.


These times have also turned into a chance for some to go after their dream of starting a business. To that end, the Center also provides the Right Start Entrepreneurship Training program for anyone interested in starting a business. This program provides a solid educational foundation on which to build a small business. Practical and flexible, this six-class series provides an entrepreneur with the necessary tools for success.


“Right Start classes are given by instructors that have hands on experience in business and marketing. Their knowledge is invaluable,” said Mark Hrinchuk of ESP Solutions in Lowell, who started his electronics manufacturer janitorial services business in March after attending the Center’s trainings. This series runs from August 31, 2011 to May 9, 2012.


The Small Business Assistance Center (SBAC) was founded to provide entrepreneurs from ethnically and economically diverse groups with the education, tools and resources necessary to launch, expand and sustain small businesses. A program of Community Teamwork, Inc. (CTI), the Center works in collaboration with Middlesex Community College, the City of Lowell and the University of Massachusetts Lowell. In its years of operation, the Center has provided over 11,400 services to over 2,800 people exploring the possibility of starting a small business, and has helped start over 300 businesses.


For more information about the Small Business Assistance Center or its Microloan Fund Program, please contact us at 978-322-8400 or


2011 City of Lowell Point in Time Homeless Count

2011 Point in Time Summary – Lowell Continuum of Care

Date of PIT Count: 1/26/11

Population: Sheltered and Unsheltered Count

Persons in Households with at least one Adult & One Child

  Sheltered   Unsheltered Total
  Emergency Transitional    
# of households 87 37 0 124
# of persons (adults & children) 287 93 0 380

Persons in Households without Children

  Sheltered     Unsheltered Total
  Emergency Transitional Safe Haven    
# of households 23 113 0 43 179
# of Persons (adults) 23 113 0 43 179

Persons in Households with Only Children

  Sheltered     Unsheltered Total
  Emergency Transitional Safe Haven    
# of households 0 0 0 0 0
# of Persons (17 & under) 0 0 0 0 0

Total Households and Persons

  Sheltered     Unsheltered Total
  Emergency Transitional Safe Haven    
total households 110 150 0 43 303
# of Persons (adults) 310 206 0 43 559

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In Case You Hadn’t Noticed, Homeless People Are Not Very Healthy – Medical Respite for the Homeless

Much of the conversation in our monthly Network meetings and discussions within the City of Lowell’s Ten Year Plan to End Homelessness – is the issue of discharge (or lack thereof) of homeless men and women from medical facilities. In most cases, homeless men and women are discharged “to the streets” from health care facilities (either dropped off in an ambulance or sent by cab) with a need for a greater level of care than the homeless shelter can provide. most cases these very same medical discharges wind up back in the hospital a short time later (and again, and again and so on) without ever having addressed the original ailment to its fullest.

To the other extreme, there are homeless men and women who are kept inpatient for months at a time because there is no place to discharge them and brings with it a TREMENDOUS expense to the taxpayer.

SO, as I meandered around the internet today, I ran across this article from the LATimes

After the hospital, a haven for

homeless patients to recuperate

which of course brought to mind a recent discussion around homeless medical respite programs that are “local” (or not) to the Merrimack Valley. The closest facility of this nature is the Barbara McGinnis House, located in Boston and run by Boston Health Care for the Homeless

Boston Hospitals got together long ago to come up with an alternative to long term (expensive) inpatient care of homeless men and women. Why are we, in the Merrimack Valley region so far behind the curve ball on this element of care?

It is FAR LESS costly and HUMANE to provide this type of care, rather than discharging sick men and women (the hospitalization cycle – rinse, repeat + rinse, repeat = costly) or keeping patients for extended periods of time (= mega-costly).

It is to the benefit of our medical institutions across the Merrimack Valley to partner with providers in our communities to come up with the solutions that are beneficial to everyone’s “Bottom Line”.

Employment Opportunities at Lowell Community Health Center

Opportunities for Medical Professionals


Medical Case ManagerFull-time. Provide services to HIV+ individuals.  Knowledge of HIV, Hepatitis C and group facilitation experience required.  Bilingual, bi-cultural Spanish preferred. Occasional evenings and weekends required.

Peer SupportPart-time. Work with HIV+ youth. Knowledge of HIV, first-hand knowledge of HIV and youth experience is required. Occasional evenings and weekends required.

PRIMARY CARE Adult Medicine, Pediatrics, and Family Medicine

Family Practice Physician with OBWork in a fast-paced, full-service primary care Family Medicine setting. Experience working with diverse populations a plus.

Family Practice Physician without OBWork in a fast-paced, full-service primary care Family Medicine setting. Experience working with diverse populations a plus.

Internal Medicine PhysicianSeeking internal medicine physician for a diverse, fast-paced community health setting. Bilingual and/or experienced working with diverse populations a plus.


Medical Assistant24 hours per week. Experience in women’s health/OBGYN a plus. Khmer speaking preferred. Continue reading

CBH Elderly Units @ Fire House Place in Hamilton, MA

Firehouse Place in Hamilton (North shore area) is now accepting applications for their newly renovated development with occupancy expected in November.

This is a small project with just four units located one block from the downtown center and commuter rail line.

There is a one bedroom, fully accessible unit with project based section 8 reserved for an elder (age 62 or over).

They also have three additional units that are not part of the CBH set- a- side. These units also have section 8 subsidy and are not age restricted.

  As always, eligible CBH applicants must have a disability, not be DDS or DMH clients, and be in an institution or at risk of institutionalization.

 To begin the application process please 978-922-1305, ext. 5.