CTI’s Small Business Assistance Center 2011-12 Workshops Calender

for more info – shargis@comteam.org, 978-322-8401


Community Teamwork, Inc.’s Small Business Assistance Center

Announces It’s 2011-2012 Small Business Workshops Calendar


LOWELL, MA – August 26, 2011 – Over the last few years, Community Teamwork Inc.’s Small Business Assistance Center has heard from many entrepreneurs that the economic climate has taken a significant toll on small business formation and growth. Additionally, the ability to borrow money to start, sustain or grow a business has been difficult since the economy has not only impaired personal investment capital, but also the ability to access financial services.


To help fill the credit gap the Center recently embarked on a new initiative to serve entrepreneurs in the Merrimack Valley as a microloan lender able to give loans up to $5,000 for qualified businesses. Concurrently, the Center will continue to serve businesses by providing quality workshops which concentrate on financial education and getting the most out of business operations to unlock profitability and strengthen financial standing. These practical workshops provide valuable information for start-up and existing businesses. Workshops start August 31st and run through June 2012. To get a complete list of workshops, call the Center at 978-322-8400 or visit  http://www.lowellsmallbusiness.org/images/classdescriptionsfy1112.pdf. The Center also offers free one-on-one counseling and a resource library.


“The goal of our workshops is to provide small business owners with additional tools and new ideas to strengthen their capacity and increase profitability. Perhaps they will learn how to better manage costs, more effectively manage inventory, or improve upon a marketing strategy,” said Hargis.


These times have also turned into a chance for some to go after their dream of starting a business. To that end, the Center also provides the Right Start Entrepreneurship Training program for anyone interested in starting a business. This program provides a solid educational foundation on which to build a small business. Practical and flexible, this six-class series provides an entrepreneur with the necessary tools for success.


“Right Start classes are given by instructors that have hands on experience in business and marketing. Their knowledge is invaluable,” said Mark Hrinchuk of ESP Solutions in Lowell, who started his electronics manufacturer janitorial services business in March after attending the Center’s trainings. This series runs from August 31, 2011 to May 9, 2012.


The Small Business Assistance Center (SBAC) was founded to provide entrepreneurs from ethnically and economically diverse groups with the education, tools and resources necessary to launch, expand and sustain small businesses. A program of Community Teamwork, Inc. (CTI), the Center works in collaboration with Middlesex Community College, the City of Lowell and the University of Massachusetts Lowell. In its years of operation, the Center has provided over 11,400 services to over 2,800 people exploring the possibility of starting a small business, and has helped start over 300 businesses.


For more information about the Small Business Assistance Center or its Microloan Fund Program, please contact us at 978-322-8400 or http://www.lowellsmallbusiness.org.



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