10/29 Winter Storm Assistance for SNAPS Household Misfortune Replacement Benefits

October 29 Winter Storm Assistance
SNAP Household Misfortune Replacement Benefits
November 2, 2011
Dear Community Partner:
A winter storm passed through Massachusetts on October 29, 2011, bringing significant damage to a number of communities. Heavy wet snow combined with significant wind conditions has
caused widespread power outages due to downed trees across much of the Commonwealth.
SNAP replacement benefits
Households receiving SNAP may apply to the Department of Transitional Assistance (DTA) for SNAP “replacement benefits.” Affected households who receive SNAP benefits may request
replacement of food lost due to household misfortune, such as an extended power outage, a flood, or an equipment failure (such as a refrigerator or freezer). Replacement is limited to the value of the food lost or damaged, not to exceed the total monthly SNAP benefit amount the household received. Households must apply for replacement benefits within 10 days of the loss. Because the storm and power loss occurred on October 29 and 30, households must apply by Wednesday, November 9.
DTA has applied to USDA for an extension of this deadline. If it is granted, DTA will notify community partners as soon as possible.

Process for applying:

To receive replacement benefits:
 Clients must report the loss of food by phone, in person or in writing to DTA within 10 days of the loss. We estimate that for most households, the loss would have occurred on October
29 or 30; therefore, they should apply by Wednesday, November 9.
 Return a signed and completed Statement of Loss/Request for Replacement Food Due to a Household Disaster or Misfortune (SNAP-9B) form (attached) within 10 days of the reported
loss to the local DTA office.

Note: If the tenth day falls on a weekend or holiday, and the
statement is received the next business day, DTA will consider the request to be timely.
 Provide verification of the household misfortune.
 If the household lives in a community that DTA has verified had significant power outages, DTA will not require third party verification.


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