United Way’s Marian L Heard Scholarship Taking Application

United Way’s Marian L Heard Scholarship Fund Taking Applications


This scholarship is intended to advance the next generation of leaders by promoting youth leadership development through positive adult relationships, education, and community involvement.  It was created as a legacy in honor of Marian L. Heard’s service as president and chief executive officer of United Way of Massachusetts Bay, recognizing her contributions to the organization and her commitment to fostering leadership in youth.  It is open to students intending to attend the first year of a two- or four-year college or a post-secondary certification/degree program full time in the Fall of 2012. Part-time college students are not eligible. In 2012, UW will select 12-15 finalists to receive up to $2,000 in scholarship funds based on funds available and an assessment of applicants’ qualifications and financial needs.

United Way is looking for partner agencies to nominate eligible low-income youth that have at least a two year history with the agency, are between the ages of 17-24, and have a GPA of at least 2.5 or a GED certificate.  Successful students will have a well rounded record of academic achievement, commitment to community responsibility, and leadership in their community and school.  Complete applications include (1) the signed Partner Agency nomination form and letter of recommendation from the agency nominator and (2) the signed Student application including (a) one letter of recommendation from either: a teacher, guidance counselor, employer or mentor, and (b) a high school or GED transcript.

United Way will only accept two nominations per agency.


Agencies eligible to nominate students must:

  • Be partner agencies of either the United Way of Massachusetts Bay and Merrimack Valley, MA.
  • Provide academic assistance, college preparation, GED preparation and/or leadership development for low-income youth entering college either through out-of-school time or alternative education/employment programs.
  • Certify that the nominee has been an active member of the organization for at least two years.
  • Track college preparation and acceptance for individual youth.
  • Promote any scholarship finalists in agency communications (newsletters, website, etc.).
  • Remain in contact with scholarship recipients during college, to the extent possible.

Students eligible for a Marian L. Heard scholarship recipient must be:

  • Between 17-24 years old
  • An active member of a United Way partner agency for at least the past two years.
  • Intending to attend full time, the first year of a two- or four-year college or post-secondary certification/degree program.
  • In good standing with a GPA of at least 2.5 or GED certificate.
  • From a low-income family as defined by 60% Est. State Median Income or eligible for free or reduced lunch.
  • Able to document at least 40 hrs of community service or community leadership responsibilities over the past four years.
  • Willing to remain in e-mail communication with a UW assigned “mentor” about his/her college experience while receiving a scholarship.


Eligible United Way partner agencies can nominate up to TWO young people.

Each application has two parts:

1.)    The affiliate agency completes and signs an Agency Nomination Form which consists of (a) letter of recommendation from the agency nominator and (b) a fully answered and signed agency nomination form.

2.)    The student must complete the Student Application which consists of:  (a) a high school and/or GED transcript, (b) one letter of recommendation from either: a teacher, guidance counselor, employer, or mentor and (c) a fully answered and signed student application.

These must be submitted together on or before the deadline of March 1, 2012 to:

Natasha Noel, Community Impact Director

United Way of Massachusetts Bay and Merrimack Valley

51 Sleeper Street, Boston, MA 02210

The following timeline describes the entire process.  In April, a group of up to 20 semi-finalists will be identified to provide further information.  This group will be further vetted and a subset of these students will be selected and notified as finalist scholars at the end of May.

Application Timeline

March 1, 2012 Completed Scholarship Applications Due to UW. 
April 2012 TBD Volunteer panel selects and notifies semi-finalists for additional information. 
May 15, 2012 Semi-finalists submit student financial aid report from FAFSA, financial aid information (Expected Family Contribution and Financial Aid Award letter) from the school they will attend in the fall and answer other college-cost related questions. 
End of May 2012 MLH Scholars are selected and notified of their status. 
Early June 2012 MLH Scholars are matched with UW “E-mentors” for ongoing communication and support. 
June 2012 MLH Scholars attend the Marian L. Heard Scholarship Award Celebration. 

Scholarship funds are sent directly to the financial aid office of the student’s choice educational institution.

2012 Scholars May Be Eligible to Apply for 2013-14 Scholarships

Beginning in 2013, the 2012 finalist scholars will have the opportunity to re-apply, if the student continues to meet the requirements, for consecutive years of funding. Students, if eligible, may receive funding for a maximum of four years of undergraduate college education. Scholarship amounts are not guaranteed from year to year and the amount, if awarded, may vary based on funds available and a review of all applications during that year. Scholars selected this year will be among the first “class” to be eligible to apply for the 2013-14 academic year.  To be considered, scholars must:

  • Maintain at least a 2.5 GPA at the conclusion of the academic year.
  • Document continued community service (at least 10 hours per year).
  • Demonstrate continued financial need.

We will also expect each scholar to maintain communication via e-mail with a UW E-mentor, attend the annual award celebration to receive honors, and welcome new freshman M.L.H. scholars planning to attend your college.

Any questions about the Marian L. Heard Scholarship and/or scholarship application or nomination contact Natasha Noel at 617-624-8131 or nnoel@supportunitedway.org.


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