Interrupting Racism in the Workplace Workshop

Interrupting Racism in the Workplace

courtesy of homesforfamilies

This workshop will help you increase your confidence and comfort level in dealing with and interrupting racist language and behavior that may be directed at you, your co-workers or others. It is designed to engage you in a meaningful conversation about race that will help you build greater personal awareness and understanding about racism so you can be better prepared to intervene when situations occur in your workplace.

How prepared are you to respond to what you consider racist remarks coming from a client or a family member or a staff member? In today’s multi-cultural human service workplace we often find ourselves working with and/or providing services to people whose backgrounds not only differ from our own but who treat us in ways we may consider inappropriate or disrespectful.

Through interactive and thought-provoking exercises, case studies and role plays with other human service providers, we will explore some of the historical origins of racism in the U.S. and elsewhere and the lingering effects that still exist in our society today. By integrating this knowledge with our personal experiences, we can develop effective ways to respond to clients, their families and staff members when this behavior occurs.

Participants will leave with tools and information that will allow them to address racist behavior that may occur in their workplace. These skills will help to both enhance quality of service delivery to a multi-cultural client population and improve relations among staff

Participants in this program will:

Increase their understanding of the presence of racism in the multi-culturalU.S.workplace and inU.S.society.

Increase their comfort level in responding to racially-based remarks by clients and their families and staff.

Identify and practice appropriate actions to reduce racist behavior from clients and/or staff.


Debora Bloom, President, Debora Bloom Associates
Barbara G. Holland, President and Founder of Break Through Partners


February 29th, 2012 9:00 AM   through   1:00 PM


81 Hope Avenue
Seven Hills Foundation
Worcester, MA 01603
United States

Click here to register and for more information


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