Western MA Network to Host “Housing Sex Offenders Summit” on 2/1

Housing Sex Offenders Summit: 2/1

by Pamela Schwartz

Please see the invitation below to faith leaders and housing, health care and other non-profit providers to a “summit” on the challenges and possible solutions for housing sex offenders.  We have an excellent turn-out already and welcome others who are interested in attending.  Please RSVP to Pamela Schwartz at pschwartz77@gmail.com.  Thank you!

Dear Friend:

The Western Massachusetts Network’s Committee on Housing Homeless Sex Offenders would like to invite you to join in a conversation regarding how best to preserve our public safety through stable, supportive housing for registered homeless sex offenders living in our communities.

This committee is comprised of a coalition of human service, correctional, police and professional organizations in the Western Massachusetts area including:  the Sheriff’s Departments of Hampden, Hampshire, Franklin and Berkshire Counties, the Northampton Police Department, the Massachusetts Department of Corrections and Department of Mental Health, The Veterans Medical Center and Veterans Services Office, the Massachusetts Association for the Treatment of Sex Offenders, and emergency homeless shelters in the region.

The mission of this committee is to maximize the safety of the community by minimizing the potential for re-offense through the identification and development of stable, supportive housing options for registered sex offenders who are committed to an offense-free life.

Several months ago this Network committee set about educating itself regarding the complex issues associated with this homeless sub-group. We would now like to broaden our coalition to help develop an informed and rational response to the issue of homelessness among the registered sex offender population.  Please join us on:

Wednesday, February 1
10 am – 12 noon
College Church
, 58 Pomeroy Terrace, Northampton

This gathering will bring together a broad cross-section of the community to share information about this population and to discuss housing alternatives for homeless sex offenders that would promote public safety and decrease the risk for re-offense.  Our greatest hope for progress is to build awareness and consensus that housing registered sex offenders makes our community far safer than having them remain homeless. The agenda will include:


1)      Introduction to the Issue: Fundamental Concerns and Considerations

2)      Models of Hope: Effective Responses to a Complex Issue

3)      Creating Opportunities: Exploring Possibilities

4)      The Road Forward…

Your participation and thoughts will be greatly welcomed.  Please RSVP to me at pschwartz77@gmail.com or 413-219-5658.


2 thoughts on “Western MA Network to Host “Housing Sex Offenders Summit” on 2/1

  1. Hi my is Jason l. Monast I am a registered sex offender in fall river Massachusetts tring to find a job and get off the streets so that I am not homeless anymore….. I was wondering if you can help/or know any programs out here that can help me out…. Thank you very much…. My email address is monast_j@yahoo.com…. I am a level 3 and is tring to do the right thing and as by me doing this I am reaching out asking for help…. So please help me??? Thank you for your time…..

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