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Customer Account Executive- Retention

Location:  Call Center in Malden, MA


Retail Account Executive – Bilingual

Location: South Boston, MA




Photo Lab Supervisor
CVS/pharmacy – Lawrence, MA
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General Summary:
Supervise all aspects of Photo Lab Operations. To meet Photo Lab performance expectations in the areas of: Sales, Customer Service, Inventory Management,
Markdowns, Merchandise Presentation, Loss Prevention, Equipment Operations. To provide leadership in the Photo Lab and to ensure all employees who work in the Photo
Lab are fully trained and certified.

Essential Functions:
1. Customer Service/ Sales Building

  • Address all Photo Customers by name, prioritize orders, assist customers in choosing products/services, respond to all customer inquiries/issues, and maintain customer confidentiality
  • Maintain an in-depth knowledge of current products and services offered
  • Promote/Suggest additional photo products and services to all Photo customers
  • Follow all quality assurance policies and procedures
  • Establish professional relationships with customers to build sales through suggestive selling, soliciting business accounts, local events and promotions, etc.

2. Operations

  • Oversee and operate all equipment, kiosks and technologies associated with the Photo Lab
  • Operate a cash register
  • Perform all functions necessary to open and close the Photo Lab
  • Develop, price and package photo orders
  • Schedule, perform and monitor all daily/weekly/monthly equipment maintenance activities to minimize machine malfunctions and downtime
  • Ensure the Photo Lab and all employees who process film follow Federal and State laws and OSHA regulations
  • React to all signs of internal and external theft
  • Complete and maintain all required paperwork in the Photo Lab per company guidelines

3. Merchandise / Presentation

  • Maintain a neat and organized Photo Lab and storage area, stock and rotate inventory
  • Work with the Store Manager to anticipate inventory needs based on seasonal and local events
  • Execute merchandising plans and signing programs to drive sales
  • Utilize all sales building materials provided to the store and merchandise area surrounding the Photo Lab to promote additional sales

4. Management/ Human Resources

  • Coordinate and track Training and Certification of all employees who process film in the Photo Lab within designed timeframes
  • Assign and prioritize tasks to employees who work in the Photo Lab
  • Work with Store Manager to provide direction, feedback and suggestions to employees who work inthe Photo Lab to improve their performance, contribute to employee reviews
  • Communicate and work effectively with the Store Team, Regional Category Specialist, District Manager and Qualex Account Development Specialist

Marginal Functions:

  • Perform all Front Store and Pharmacy activities assigned by the Store Manager

Office of Public Affairs

Public Affairs Specialist
Opening Date: Monday, February 06, 2012 Closing Date: Tuesday, February 21, 2012
Job Summary:
This position is located in the Office of Public Affairs, Boston/New York Regional Office, Boston, Massachusetts. Salary Range: GS-12: $75,222-97,787 per annum (Boston Locality Pay) GS-13: $89,449-$116,282 per annum (Boston Locality Pay) Incumbent participates in the development and operation of the regional public affairs program and speaks authoritatively for the Regional Director of Public Affairs (RDPA) and serves as the Regional Director in his/her absence. Develops and disseminates public affairs positions and plans, responds to regional and national media queries, and coordinates community relation events and activities that detail the goals and objectives of the Department of Labor. Participates in developing strategic goals and objectives for outreach programs and other public affairs events, campaigns, and programs that support the OPA’s outreach initiatives in support of DOL’s goals and objectives. Participates in the development of regional information plans to establish regional priorities and identify methods and approaches to be used in support of these efforts. Serves as one of two spokespersons in the region. Responds orally or in writing to requests for information or assistance from the media or various segments of the private sector. Prepares news releases for the OPA. Collaborates with RDPA on issues being researched or discussed. Researches and develops facts for news releases when data is sketchy while following appropriate channels for clearance before release. Utilizes various methods and techniques in achieving communication goals such as news releases, feature articles, news conferences, and publications. Represents DOL/OPA at conferences, conventions, meetings, etc. and serves as the Regional Director of Public Affairs (RDPA) in his/her absence. “Spanish language fluency is desirable, but not required. Applicants should document their ability to read, write and speak Spanish on their resume.” This position has promotion potential to the grade of GS-13. Applications for this vacancy will be accepted on-line by clicking the Apply Online button below. The Department of Labor does not recognize academic degrees from schools that are not accredited by an accrediting institution recognized by the Department of Education. Any applicant falsely claiming an academic degree from an accredited school will be subject to actions ranging from disqualification from federal employment to removal from federal service.

To apply please go to: www.usajobs.gov


Department of Transitional Assistance

Benef Elig & Refer Soc Wrk

 (2 positions in Lawrence) (1 in Salem)

Application Deadline:          02-21-2012

Posting ID:                          J29161


Performs Federally mandated Food Stamp Quality Control reviews within mandated time frames, conducts special projects review on various topics; conducts special projects for DTA that may involve interaction with both internal DTA administrative and program units and external government and private agencies, that target specific areas of State/Federal policies and procedures for review. Reviews and analyzes a statistically valid sample of cases in all categories of public assistance to determine the accuracy of the casework performed. Determines the correctness of financial assistance payments made by local office personnel. Assists in the computation and production of state and local office error rates. The review process may require travel to any DTA service area throughout the state as well as interviews with clients in their homes. As needed, perform special error-related projects and prepare and submit reports required by federal, state and agency administration; and perform related duties as required.


REQUIRED WORK EXPERIENCE: At least four years of full-time, or equivalent part-time, professional experience in social work or social casework, claims adjudication, job placement, recruitment, employment counseling, vocational or rehabilitation counseling, credit investigation, educational counseling, legal advocacy, or legal counseling.


– A Bachelor’s or higher degree may be substituted for two years of the required experience on the basis of two years of education for one year of experience.

– One year of education equals 30 semester hours. Education toward a degree will be prorated on the basis of the proportion of the requirements actually completed.

LICENSES: Based on assignment, travel may be required. Those employees who elect to use a motor vehicle for travel must have a current and valid Massachusetts Class D Motor Vehicle Operator’s license or the equivalent from another state.

Preferred Qualifications:

Ideal candidates will have in depth knowledge of state and federal policies, procedures, laws, rules, systems and regulations governing eligibility for assistance programs.

Possess a demonstrated ability to write clear concise, accurate and informative reports and develop ideas in a logical sequence and work independently.

Candidates should possess the ability to plan and organize work assignments simultaneously.

Ability to exercise discretion in handling confidential information.

Possession of a valid Massachusetts state drivers license and able to travel statewide as assigned.

Bilingual in Spanish language preferred.


This is a Civil Service position.

Monitors and evaluates agency performance by reviewing work performed by Benefits Eligibility & Referral Social Worker staff, supervisors and managers, by using multiple standards of measurement for review; by performing state and federal Quality Control reviews; by collecting data on Department of Transitional Assistance cases for the Federal Government using federal definitions. Also evaluates local office operations; identifies programmatic and operational deficiencies to facilitate effective corrective action; monitors and implements court decisions to ensure compliance and avoid potential court sanctions for noncompliance. Performs special review projects on various topics; and performs related duties as required. All of these duties will be performed in accordance with Department policy and the Collective Bargaining Agreement..”

How To Apply:

All interested candidates should mail two (2) copies of cover letter, a current resume and their most recent performance review with identifying posting #J29161 to:

Laura DiNapoli
Children, Youth and Families
Employment and Staffing Unit
600 Washington Street – 7th Floor
Boston, MA 02111

Please reference the Posting ID J29161 on all correspondence


Department of Youth Services

Shift Supervisor

Position Type:   Civil Service

Application Deadline:       02-20-2012

Posting ID:                      J29201


The Shift Supervisor performs various care and security activities in connection with juveniles in custody of the agency; observes conduct and behavior of juveniles assigned to the facility; maintains liaison with staff members, law enforcement agencies, professional specialist and others.

• Assist the Group Worker III and in his/her absence assumes responsibilities for the operation of the assigned shift.
• Direct supervision of up to six (6) subordinates.
• Conduct supervision in a timely fashion on a regularly schedules basis.
• Direct activities of staff and residents, plan activities, and coordinates resources.
• Ensures that all unit policies are carried out.
• Ensures proper security, control and supervision.
• Perform the physical requirements of the job i.e. restrains, CPR, etc.
• Participates in staff meetings and training sessions.
• Ability to provide positive leadership to subordinates.
• Provides a positive atmosphere for learning and growth to all subordinates.
• Able to provide both positive feed back as well as corrective action to subordinates via supervision.
• Able to follow up and finish all tasks assigned by supervisor or administration.
• Able to work as a team with staff from other shifts for the overall benefit of the program.
• Takes initiative to create or improve current systems and procedures to help create an efficient workplace.
• Acts as liaison for communication of any concerns or problems from subordinates up through chain of command.
• Other related duties as assigned.


Minimum Entrance Requirements: Applicants must have at least (A) one year of full-time, or equivalent part-time, experience in correctional institution work, the major duties of which included the custodial care, treatment, counseling and/or rehabilitation of juveniles, or (B) any combination of the required experience and the substitutions below.


I. An Associate’s or higher degree with a major in police science, criminology, law enforcement or criminal justice may be substituted for the required experience.*

*Education towards such a degree will be prorated on the basis of the proportion of the requirements actually completed.

Special Requirements: Based on assignment, position of a current and valid Massachusetts Class D Motor Vehicle Operator’ License may be required.

Preferred Qualifications:

• Strong written and verbal communication skills.
• Ability to delegate and oversee the work of subordinate staff.
• Experience working in a residential setting.
• Working knowledge of the principle of Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT).
MS Word and MS Excel, Outlook, etc.


This is a Civil Service position. If there is no civil service list for this title, employees appointed must take and pass the next Civil Service examination when administered.

Candidate must be flexible.

How To Apply:

Please mail two (2) copies of resume and cover letter to:

Laura DiNapoli
Children, Youth and Families
Employment and Staffing Unit
600 Washington Street – 7th Floor
Boston, MA 02111

Please reference the Posting ID J29201 on all correspondence.


 The Psychological Center

Current Job Openings

Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

Clinical Director

Outpatient Clinician

Bilingual/Bicultural Outpatient Clinician

PT Residential Staff

Residential Case Worker

Residential Relief Staff

To apply please go to: http://www.psychologicalcenter.com/application.html


Department of Public Health

Administrative Assistant I

Position Type:                  Civil Service

Application Deadline:       02-20-2012

Posting ID:                      J29204


A. Monitors the licensing unit activities by maintaining statistical information on incoming documents to ensure effective operation and compliance of the Licensing Division with the established standards of the Board of Registration in Medicine Regulations. This is accomplished by knowledge of and compliance with the Board of Registration in Medicine Regulations, 243 CMR and the Licensing Division Policies and Procedures.

B. Monitors incoming documents to ensure they are in compliance with the Board of Registration in Medicine’s licensing requirements. Confers with other agency staff to exchange information on legal and medical issues. Maintains liaison with other state, federal and certifying agencies to exchange information and ensure that information received is current. This is accomplished by querying the AMA, National Practitioner Data Bank and the Federation of State Medical Boards data bases.

C. Reviews and analyzes licensing policies and procedures to identify opportunities to improve processing methods and expediting the licensing process. This is accomplished by identifying essential data elements and ongoing monitoring of productivity levels and making recommendations for improvement.

D. Compiles statistical information of data entry in CLARIS and provides ongoing reports to supervisor. This is accomplished by maintaining a daily log of job duties completed within specified time frames.

E. Acts as a liaison between the applicant, the Board and other agencies to facilitate collection of documents required to complete the licensing process. This is accomplished with ongoing communication with license applicants and periodic notification of missing documents to ensure that the applicant is kept apprised on the progress of the license application.

F. Analyzes license applications and incoming documents to identify any gaps in education, postgraduate training, legal or medical issues, which may require additional documentation and investigation. Compares dates on licensing application with the curriculum vitae for continuity of clinical activity and ensures that information is obtained from primary sources. This is accomplished by performing a comprehensive screening of all documents and comparing the information and validating the documentation sources.

G. Coordinates collection of documentation from medical schools, postgraduate training programs, licensing boards, examination boards, the federal government and professional agencies. Updates CLARIS database checklist to track required documents to ensure that they are received on a timely basis and that the applicant is notified when documents are incomplete or not received. This is accomplished by analyzing the documents received on a daily basis and promptly returning incomplete documents and by written follow-up notices.

H. Composes letters and correspondence to other agencies regarding licensing issues, i.e. incomplete information on postgraduate or medical school verification forms. The medical school or postgraduate program is promptly notified. This is accomplished by reviewing license applications for missing or incomplete documents, reviewing incoming documents for completeness and by promptly returning incomplete documents to the originating source for correction or completion and utilizing Word 95.

I. Conducts an ongoing review and analysis of the content of documents in the licensing application to ensure that they are received from the primary source and that all pertinent information is received. This is accomplished by carefully analyzing all dates, signatures and official seals on incoming licensing documents.

J. Responds to telephone and written inquiries from the applicant, health care facilities, managed care providers, legal counsel and other agencies on the status of the applicant’s license file. Ensures that the applicant has signed a waiver to allow the dissemination of information to the requestor. This is accomplished by performing a careful review of the license application to ensure that the information provided in the file is accurate.

K. Conducts final appraisal of licensing applications for completeness and forwarding to the Director of Licensing for final review and presentation to the Board for issuance of license or for review by the Legal Unit or the Board’s Physician Health Committee. When the license application is complete, it is carefully reviewed and the checklist in CLARIS is completed prior to forwarding to the Director of Licensing. This is accomplished by a comprehensive review of all documentation in the licensing application and by ensuring that all checklist elements in CLARIS have been completed.

L. Performs related duties as assigned


MINIMUM ENTRANCE REQUIREMENTS: Applicants must have at least (A) two years of full-time, or equivalent part-time, experience in office management, office administration, business administration or business management, the major duties of which included one or more of the following functions: purchasing, personnel management, budgeting, accounting, records management, work simplification, grants management, contract administration or program management, (B) any equivalent combination of the required experience and the substitutions below.


I. An Associate’s or higher degree with a major in business administration, business management or public administration may be substituted for the required experience.*

II. An Associate’s or higher degree with a major other than in business administration, business management or public administration may be substituted for a maximum of one year of the required experience.*

*Education toward such a degree will be prorated on the basis of the proportion of the requirements actually completed.


Preferred Qualifications:

Ability to analyze and determine the applicability of data, to draw conclusions and make appropriate recommendations. Ability to assemble information in accordance with established procedures. Ability to communicate effectively in oral expression, to deal tactfully with others, to exercise discretion in handling confidential information, to exercise sound judgment, to follow written and oral instructions, to maintain accurate records, write concisely, express thoughts clearly and develop ideas in logical sequence.

How To Apply:

Please mail or fax a copy of your cover letter and resume to:

Mrs. Jamie Noonan
Office of Health
Human Resources Department
600 Washington St., 7th Floor
Boston, MA 02111


Mary Immaculate Health / Care Services

Payroll Specialist (Lawrence, MA)

Mary Immaculate Health/Care Services, a not for profit, mission driven healthcare organization is currently seeking a Payroll Specialist. In this role, the ideal candidate will be responsible for the processing of a weekly payroll, including maintaining related records, filing tax reports and voluntary deduction reports, processing involuntary deductions such as levies and garnishments, preparing accounting transactions and documents and preparing special reports for managment and other responsibilities and duties as required. The qualified Payroll Specialist will preferably hold a Bachelor’s degree; 3-5+ years of previous experience in a relevant role; superior communication, problem-solving, multitasking and analytical thinking skills; you must be detail-oriented and proactive with excellent judgment and the ability to handle highly confidential information. Previous payroll processing experience with Paychex and/or ADP a must. CPP designation preferred.
Come join a team whose values are compassion, competence and collaboration!


Action for Boston Community Development

Email: hr@bostonabcd.org (Please indicate the job title you’re interested in the subject line! Attachments in Microsoft Word ONLY, please.)

How to Apply

Please direct resumes and inquiries to:
Action for Boston Community Development, Inc.
Human Resources
Department 161
178 Tremont Street, Boston MA 02111

PHONE 617-357-6000
TTY 617-423-9215
FAX 617-423-7693



Executive Director

The New England Learning Center for Women In Transition (NELCWIT) is seeking a visionary leader to serve as executive director. NELCWIT provides advocacy, education, and support to address domestic and sexual violence throughout the rural Franklin County-North Quabbin region. The leader of this small non-profit, based in Greenfield, will possess a commitment to anti-oppression work and will be responsible for the programmatic, fiscal, strategic, and overall operations of the organization.

The Organization

NELCWIT has assisted survivors of domestic and sexual violence since 1976. Our current services include a 24-hour crisis hotline, counseling and advocacy for adults, youth, and families, assistance for individuals seeking protection orders in the Franklin County courts, outreach to the Latino community, children’s supervised visitation services, and prevention education, including initiatives with youth, our area’s intertribal community, and others.

Priority Areas

With active involvement from the management team, NELCWIT’s Executive Director is responsible for providing leadership, expertise, and oversight in the following areas:

Fiscal operations, including the development of agency budget, administration of state contracts and grant funds, reviewing monthly reports, submitting financial reports to NELCWIT’s board of directors, and managing the agency’s assets.

Organizational leadership and planning, including the development of a strategic plan, working closely with the board of directors on governance, and leading NELCWIT in its work to become an anti-oppression/antiracist organization.

Development and fundraising efforts, including planning special events, cultivating individual donors, writing grant applications, and building community relationships. This area also includes increasing NELCWIT’s visibility in the community, using local press outlets to increase awareness, and representing NELCWIT’s interests at the state and national levels.

Programmatic operations, including insuring that the agency’s current services and the development of future programs are in compliance with our mission and objectives, funding requirements, and agency policies; staying informed of “best practices” and current trends in addressing domestic and sexual violence as well as other issues affecting the agency’s operations; and participating in statewide and national efforts to address domestic and sexual violence.

Human resources and personnel management, including the administration of employee benefits, the formulation and administration of sound personnel decisions, and supervision of management and administrative staff. This area also includes working collaboratively and respectfully with the organization’s union on labor-management issues, collective bargaining, and implementing agency policies, as well as facilitating staff meetings, participating in professional development opportunities, and leading team-building activities.

Facility management, including planning for depreciation, scheduling routine maintenance, supervising maintenance staff, and overseeing the general upkeep of the building and grounds.


• Demonstrated commitment to and passion for working to end domestic and sexual violence.

• Empathetic, sophisticated understanding of the myriad social, economic and personal issues facing survivors of trauma and violence, and ability to articulate this understanding to diverse audiences.

• Demonstrated success in cultivating and securing financial support from state and federal sources, individuals, foundations, and corporations.

• Demonstrated belief in participatory management, transparent communication, and team leadership.

• Convictions and skills necessary to lead NELCWIT’s work to become an anti-oppression/ antiracist organization, including an understanding of racism in the context of domestic and sexual violence.

• Experience with community and coalition building and with legislative advocacy.

• Demonstrated ability to develop and sustain collaborative relationships with external organizations and stakeholders.

• Excellent oral and written communication skills and interpersonal skills.

• Minimum of five years of significant senior management and leadership experience, including organizational planning, staff development, board relations and financial management, preferably in a union environment.

• College degree, Master’s degree in nonprofit management or related field preferred.

• Availability evenings and weekends. Travel to Boston required.

To apply for this position, email a letter of interest and resume to info@nelcwit.org.

Deadline for applications is February 22, 2012.


Executive Office of labor & Workforce Development

Job Specialist III

Position Type:               Civil Service

City/Town:                    Salem

Application Deadline:    02-22-2012

Posting ID:                    J29077


The Local Veterans Employment Representative (LVER) will provide directly or facilitate the provision of labor exchange services to veterans and eligible persons, including intake, referral, and placement activities as directed by Federal and State Law, regulations and policy by ensuring that veterans are provided the range of labor exchange services needed to meet their employment and training needs. Work with other workforce development providers to develop their capacity to recognize and respond to these needs. Responsibilities may include the following activities:
a. Train other staff and service delivery system partners to enhance their knowledge of veterans’ employment and training issues.
b. Promote veterans as a category of job seekers in the workforce development system who has highly marketable skills and experience.
This position must be filled by a veteran. Preference in hiring will be as follows: 1) Qualified disabled veteran of the Vietnam era 2) Any other qualified disabled veteran, and 3) Qualified non-disabled veteran e.g. spouses of any persons who dies of service-connected disabilities; spouses of certain active duty individuals forcibly detained or listed as missing in action (MIA); or spouses of 100% disabled veterans, per Title 38, USC Section 2001 (5).

Incumbent may be out-stationed at other Career Centers or agencies in order to ensure services to Veteran customers, based on Federal funding levels, program needs and geographical proximity.

Detailed Statement of Duties and Responsibilities:

1. Provide labor exchange services to veterans and eligible persons, including intake, referral, placement, and the following activities as directed by Federal and State Law, regulations and policy.
2. Refer veterans and eligible persons to training, supportive services, and educational opportunities.
3. Conduct outreach to employers in the area to assist veterans in gaining employment, including conducting seminars for employers and, in conjunction with employers, conducting job search workshops and establishing job search groups.
4. Cooperate with the staff of programs engaged in identifying and assisting veterans who have readjustment problems and who may need services available at the Career Center. Encourage employers and labor unions to employ veterans and eligible persons and to conduct on-the job training and apprenticeship programs for such veterans and eligible persons.
5. Work closely with appropriate Veterans’ Administration (VA) personnel engaged in providing counseling or rehabilitation services and cooperate with employers in identifying Disabled Veterans who have completed or are participating in a vocational rehabilitation training program and who are in need of employment.
6. On behalf of veterans, advocate for employment and training opportunities with business and industry, and community-based organizations. Responsibilities may include the following activities:
a. Plan and participate in job fairs to promote services to veterans
b. Work with unions, apprenticeship programs, and business community to promote employment and training opportunities for veterans
c. Promote credentialing and training opportunities for veterans with training providers and credentialing bodies.
7. Establish, maintain, and/or facilitate regular contact with employers to develop employment and training opportunities for the benefit of veterans.
8. Promote and monitor the participation of veterans in federally funded employment and training programs, monitor the listing of vacant positions with federal agencies, and report via organizational channels to the Division of Career Services and Veterans’ Services Unit any evidence of failure to provide priority or other special consideration in the provision of services to veterans as required by law or regulation.
9. Provide quarterly reports to the individual responsible for the management of an SDP to which the LVER has been assigned, and through the appropriate state agency channels, to the Director for Veterans’ Employment and Training (DVET) in the State. These reports are to review the following components of the SDP:
a. Compliance with State directives on services to veterans
b. Accomplishments towards meeting the State’s performance standards for these services.
10. Provide and facilitate a full range of employment and training services, as appropriate, to meet the needs of newly separated and other veterans in the workforce development system and especially address the needs of transitioning military personnel through facilitation of TAP workshops. Responsibilities may include, but are not limited to the following activities:
a. Conduct job search assistance workshops
b. Provide job development and job referrals
c. Provide vocational guidance
d. Provide labor market information
e. Provide referrals to training and supportive services


Minimum Entrance Requirements: Applicants must have at least (A) three years of full time, or equivalent part-time, professional or paraprofessional experience in any of the following: (a) personnel interviewing, recruitment or job placement; (b) employment, vocational, educational, psychological, sociological, or rehabilitation counseling or guidance; (c) credit or claims adjustment interviewing; (d) job analysis or position classification work, and of which at least (B) one year must have been in a professional capacity, or (C) any equivalent combination of the required experience and the substitutions below.


I. An Associate’s degree from a recognized college or university may be substituted for one year of the required (A) experience.*

II. A Bachelor’s degree from a recognized college or university may be substituted for two years of the required (A) experience.*

III. A graduate degree with a major in education, vocational or rehabilitation counseling, or public administration may be substituted for the required experience*

*Education towards such a degree will be prorated on the basis of the proportion of the requirements actually completed.

Special Requirements: None.

Preferred Qualifications:

Qualifications Required at Hire:

Demonstrated knowledge of principles and techniques of human service interviewing.
Proven ability to teach job finding skills, resume writing skills, and interviewing techniques to multicultural diverse populations.
Ability to assess customer’s needs through interview, observation, and examination of records and exercise discretion in handling confidential information.
Ability to communicate effectively orally and in writing.
Ability to understand, explain and implement policies and procedures, standards, guidelines, laws and regulations that govern CAREER CENTER and DCS activities.
Demonstrated knowledge of principles and practices of conducting workshops.
Proven ability to interact in a team environment and to establish and maintain harmonious working relationships with peers, supervisors, other agency representatives and customers.
Working knowledge of MS Windows and Word.
Proven ability to accurately and concisely record information and maintain the integrity of the computerized data base.
Ability to exercise discretion in handling confidential information.

How To Apply:

Step 1. Go to http://www.mass.gov/eolwd/jobs. Review the Optional Affirmative Action Form and complete the form if you feel there is information you would like to provide.

Step 2. E-mail your Resume with Cover Letter (formatted in MS Word) referencing Vacancy Series (VS) #2012-04-D describing how you meet the minimum entrance requirements. If you are submitting the optional Affirmative Action Form it should be sent with your Resume and Cover Letter. All documents should be sent to: Recruitment2@detma.org. You will receive an automated response that will be your confirmation of receipt.



Community Day Care


Exciting opportunity for an early childhood professional to work with a team to develop and implement a new model of collaboration between public charter schools and community based child care. The ideal candidate will have experience with planning and implementation of early childhood curriculum and child assessments, as well as a degree in early childhood. The Community Group is an established non-profit with extensive experience in the development and management of innovative educational programs serving second language learners. Must enjoy working as part of a high functioning team, be creative, results-driven, a good communicator and have management experience. The ability to speak Spanish is an asset.

Job Requirements

  At least 2 years of relevant experience preferred

  Bachelors degree preferred

  Citizenship, residency or work VISA in United States required
Contact Information

Soraya Victoria, HR Manager
190 Hampshire St
Lawrence, Massachusetts 01840
Phone: (978) 682-6628


The Center for Hope & Healing (CHH)

Executive Director

 (RCSGL) is seeking an Executive Director to lead its Mission and expand outreach, education and client services throughout the Greater Lowell communities. The Executive Director is the Chief Executive Officer of CHH, a non-profit agency dedicated to eradicating sexual violence.

Reporting directly to the President of the Board of Directors, the Executive Director will lead and manage the operation and serve as the primary spokesperson for the organization.

The Executive Director is responsible to the Board of Directors for planning, organizing,

directing, implementing, and evaluating the activities and programs of CHH in accordance with Board policies and procedures.

Promote the organization and oversee the development and implementation of marketing plans, public relations, advertising and special events to raise community awareness and support. Develop effective relationships with the media, handling calis and developing press releases. Serve as the primary spokesperson for the agency as a recognized leader for its mission. Support the Board in ways that strengthen its capacity to govern and raise funds. Work with the Board President on Board recruitment, engagement, strategic planning and policies that ensure results consistent with the mission of the organization. Coordinate and attend all Board meetings and certain committee meetings as needed.

Ability to work with the Board and staff to create a clear and strategic vision for the organization and devise and implement a road map to get there. Lead the financial and operational management of the agency. Create the annual budget in collaboration with the Board Treasurer and Finance Committee. Manage the agency’s budget and all fiscal reporting to the Board of Directors, the Commonwealth and other funding sources. Ensure proper fiscal reporting, accounting and controls in accordance with the

guidelines of funding sources and sound accounting practices. Lead and implement fund raising plans and other financial development initiatives to achieve goals set forth by the Board. Provide management and direction on seeking and soliciting new funding sources.

Promote and coordinate collaborations with other social service agencies, medical and

educational institutions, community coalitions and task forces, and be the liaison with the

statewide sexual assault coalition. Develop effective relationships with Legislative and Law Enforcement officials that strengthen advocacy efforts, education, and public awareness. Work with the departmental directors to prepare and oversee all contracts.

Ability to build teams, recruit, hire, retain, inspire staff and others to develop their own

leadership capacities, and foster collaboration and individual initiative and be a role model to all staff. Establish work plans, performance goals and staff development. Lead effective team building activities and approaches. Implement best practice Human Resource policies and programs. Complete Rape Crisis Counselor Training and ensure consistent high quality training program systems are in place for volunteers and staff. Participate in the coverage of after-hours crisis hotline.

o A demonstrated commitment to social change and the fight against sexual violence.

o Effective organizational management skills and experience in the non-profit sector with

a track record of results.

o Program development experience.

o A strong and proven record in grant writing and fund raising, as well as a proactive and

imaginative attitude when researching ways to fund the agency’s activities.

o Strong marketing and PR skills and abilities.

o Solid financial management skills.

o Good public speaking and general communication skills, both verbal and written.

o Experienced with Board development and developing and sustaining effective .

relationships with Staff, Volunteers and Community stakeholders.

o Marked success building Networks and contacts in the sexual assault arena.

o Marked success building a supportive community network through positive relationships with other non-profit organizations, community leaders, politicians, the media, etc. Familiarity with the Greater Lowell community is desired.

o Experience, participating in public relations events including live television and radio


o Experience with and a strong desire to work with multi-ethnic, multi-cultural groups.

o Minimum of 5 years experience in the human services and sexual assault or domestic

violence field with a Bachelor’s degree In Social Services or a combination of experience and education combined

o BA/BS, Masters degree and/or LICSW or equivalent preferred.

o Bilingual language skills a plus.

Please submit salary requirements with your resume and writing sample.

inquires, Referrals and Resume should be directed to the Personnel Committee. Resumes will be accepted until March 2, 2012 or until a final candidate is selected. CHH is an

Contact information:

For immediate consideration please send resume, cover letter, and a writing sample with salary requirements to: CHH Search Committee, P.O.Box 3212, Andover, MA 01810 or email tochhsearchcommittee@gmail.com.

For more information about the Center for Hope and Healing (CHH) please visit:

GEAR UP Massachusetts
Program Coordinator – Lawrence, MA

Posting ID:                     J29260

The GEAR UP Massachusetts Program Coordinator serves as an employee of the GEAR UP Massachusetts program, a division of the Massachusetts Department of Higher Education and reports to the GEAR UP Massachusetts Program Director in Lawrence, MA. The Program Coordinator is responsible for implementing GEAR UP Massachusetts school activities for the students, parents, teachers and guidance staff of Lawrence, MA and reporting on student outcomes. The GEAR UP Massachusetts Program Coordinator will perform primary duties in collaboration with the members of the Lawrence High School and South Lawrence East Middle School communities.

Essential Job Functions:
• Coordinate the academic and career assessment plan for each cohort group as outlined in the grant proposal.
• Coordinate and integrate program functions with grant partners, target schools, and students and parents.
• Provide individual and group advising support to students preparing for postsecondary education.
• Assist Program Manager with reporting and record-keeping procedures to carry out annual program plan.
• Assist Program Director with data collection and reporting activities for guidance counselors and teachers at target schools.
• Monitor student and school progress in achieving project goals.
• Assist Program Director with planning and scheduling professional training and development activities for guidance counselors and teachers at target schools.
• Ability to travel to assigned schools, OSFA office in Revere, MA and statewide meetings as required.


Minimum Entrance Requirements:

• Bachelor’s degree required in academic subject area or related field with prior teaching, counseling, or tutoring experience.

• Ability to pass appropriate background checks in order to function as a direct service provider to middle and high school students.

• Excellent organizational, verbal and written communication skills required along with the ability to work independently and with diverse groups.

• Experience providing student services, knowledge of programs serving underrepresented students, ability to work with disadvantaged students, and experience working with urban students and their families.

Preferred Qualifications:

Preferred Qualifications/Other Skills/Abilities:

• Bilingual Preferred (Spanish and English)

• Familiarity with Massachusetts high school graduation and college admissions requirements preferred. Masters degree preferred.

How To Apply:

If you do not wish to apply online, and would prefer to send your resume and cover letter by mail, please forward it to:

Attention: K. Cosco
Office of Student Financial Aid
454 Broadway, Suite 200
Revere, MA 02151-3034
Reference GEAR UP Massachusetts Program Coordinator, Lawrence


Employee Benefits Security Administration Offices

Investigator (Pension)

Job Announcement Number:
Opening Date: 2/13/12 Closing Date:  2/27/12
Job Summary:
This position is with the U.S. Department of Labor/Employee Benefits Security Administration, Boston, Massachusetts Office. The Employee Benefits Security Administration Offices are responsible for planning, directing, and administering a program of enforcement to ensure maximum compliance throughout the geographical jurisdiction of the Office with the Employee Retirement Income Security Act of 1974 (ERISA) and the criminal provisions of the United States Code as they relate to employee benefit plans. This position is inside the bargaining unit. This position has promotion potential to the GS-12 level. To apply please go to www.usajobs.gov


Department of Mental Health
Adult Case Manager (Khmer Speaking)

Application Deadline:               02-24-2012

Posting ID:                               J29277
The Human Service Coordinator A/B will promote each Cambodian client’s recovery through the planning and implementing of a well coordinated array of services, treatments, and benefits based on the client’s preferences, strengths, and needs and on the availability of resources.

Ability to communicate effectively with Cambodian clients as well as communicating effectively with English speaking clients.
2. Provides direct care to Cambodian clients as well as others by helping obtain needed services to enable clients to transition to or remain in the community by enhancing their quality of life.
3. Maintains each client record with needed information to assure a complete and up-to-date record of services is available at all times.
4. Enters all MHIS information in a timely and accurate manner.
5. Coordinates the ISP process with clients and service providers, convening meetings to write or modify the ISP when indicated; assures implementation of ISP and PSTP plans.
6. Chairs periodic treatment team meetings; participates in client review meetings such as discharge planning, program client reviews, team meetings, and staff meetings in order to monitor client service plans and make recommendations for other services that will meet client needs.
7. Monitors progress of clients on an ongoing basis and updates service plans as needed to assure service plans are movement oriented.
8. Provides supportive counseling to clients and/or significant others to identify, accept and secure services.
9. Provides direct assistance to clients as needed to enhance independent living skills.
10. Effectively advocates for client to assure clients pursue and receive the necessary support services.
11. Assists clients in developing and maintaining a supportive network in the community, particularly in relation to family and friends in order for clients to develop and maintain meaningful social relationships.
12. Provides or arranges appropriate transportation for clients when necessary to assure clients get to needed appointments.
13. Develops and maintains working relationships with community agencies and other state programs and agencies in order to identify unmet needs and to effectively access a comprehensive range of services for clients.
14. Contributes to the development of an ongoing resource file so that new community programs/services are identified and shared with team members.
15. Provides needed information and education about mental illness, medications, coping skills, services, resources, and self-help groups to individuals with service inquiries.
16. Attends trainings to expand clinical knowledge and develops expertise related to mental health issues.
17. General knowledge of legal issues and human rights that are relevant to work setting and occupation.
18. Conducts activities in a professional and culturally competent manner.
19. Carries out job duties in a professional manner by exhibiting a positive attitude and adapts to changes in philosophy, policy, and procedure in a flexible manner.
20. Effectively prepares for and uses supervision to process and resolve client issues or concerns.
21. Assure that HIPPA regulations are adhered to and that HIPPA sign offs and releases of information are in the client record.
22. Assesses client risk issues, presents at PARC committees, and follows through with all treatment/risk reduction recommendations


REQUIRED WORK EXPERIENCE: At least three years of full-time, or equivalent part-time, professional experience in human services work or social work. Based on assignment, one year of professional work experience must have been in one of the following specialty areas. Refer to the individual position description for specialized work experience required.

– Mental Health Case Manager and Forensic Transition Team Coordinator assignments only: The year of professional work experience must have included the clinical care and treatment of psychiatric or emotionally disturbed individuals.

– Department of Mental Retardation assignments only: The year of professional work experience must have involved working with individuals with mental retardation or other developmental disabilities.


– A Bachelor’s or higher degree in social work, psychology, sociology, counseling, counseling education, education of the physically or emotionally handicapped, education of the multiple handicapped, education of the learning disabled, human services, rehabilitation, rehabilitation counseling, nursing, recreation therapy, art therapy, dance therapy, music therapy, or physical education may be substituted for two years of the required experience on the basis of two years of education for one year of experience.

Preferred Qualifications:

1. Familiarity and appreciation of the Cambodian culture as well as being able to effectively communicate in Khmer.
2. Considerable ability to deal effectively with clients and community agencies.
3. Knowledge of clients’ needs and characteristics associated with DMH Priority clients.
4. Knowledge of local community resources plus knowledge of and ability to work within agency political contexts.
5. Skills and knowledge of counseling strategies and techniques.
6. Skills in making productive referrals, negotiating assertively from an advocacy based client centered perspective with a variety of public service agency professionals.
7. Ability to recognize obvious and subtle barriers and coordination issues between service systems and to bring skillfully into play personal arbitration/conflict resolution strategies in difficult service integration situations.
8. Considerable ability to work independently on assignments.
9. Ability to cope with frustration while persevering in goal-directed pursuit of resources.
10. Ability to work non-judgmentally with clients whose belief system may be predicated on values incongruent with those of the Case Manager.
11. Articulates clearly and concisely both in verbal and written modes.
12. Ability to make constructive use of professional supervision.
13. Knowledge of principles and practices of crisis intervention and risk management.
14. Ability to exercise discretion in handling confidential information.
15. Ability to respond to multiple demands by effectively prioritizing tasks.


This is a Civil Service position.

How To Apply:

Mail cover letter and resume to:
Health Office of Human Resources
Attn: Joyce Robito
365 East St.
Tewksbury, MA 01876
Fax: 978-851-0133
Customer Service: 978-851-7321 X2155



Union Carpenter’s Apprenticeship Program

Benefits of Apprenticeship:
• Paid “scholarship” with supervised training
• Progressively increasing wage with excellent benefits
• Nationally recognized credential: Apprenticeship Certificate
• Improved job security and standard of living
• Opportunity for college credit
• Pride and Dignity
Anyone age 17 or older, who is a High School graduate or has a GED. High
school seniors may apply with a letter from their school stating that they are
eligible to graduate within three months. Women, minorities and veterans are strongly encouraged to apply.
How do I apply?
• Applicants must attend an informational session at one of the following locations: Additional Sessions are posted on our website NECarpentersTraining.org. Informational Sessions run approximately one hour.
􀂾 Boston Carpenters Training Center: 1st (first) Monday of the month at 9:00 AM or 3:00 PM 750 Dorchester Avenue, 2nd Floor, Dorchester, MA 02125
􀂾 New England Carpenters Training Center: 3rd (third) Wednesday of the month at 6:00 PM 13 Holman Rd, Millbury, MA 01527.


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