Wheelchair Accessible Affordable Housing Available Through the Stoneham Housing Authority


The Stoneham Housing Authority (SHA) is seeking applications for its wheelchair-accessible Chapter 200 State-aided Family Housing Program from eligible and qualified applicants seeking accessible two and three-bedroom sized apartments. Applications from Veterans and Veterans’ families are given a preference. Other persons seeking accessible units may apply. These units are located within our developments in Stoneham.

Our accessible two and three-bedroom waiting list will be open beginning February 21, 2012. Qualified and eligible applicants needing a wheelchair-accessible unit will be placed on the waiting list by lottery selection and assigned a priority and preference accordingly. The lottery will be drawn on Thursday, March 22, 2012 at 12 Noon at the SHA’s office. Thereafter, applications received will be entered by date and time of application. Applications for our Chapter 200 family wait list for our 3-bedroom units will also be open at this time.

Eligible/qualified residents of State-aided family housing pay no more than 27% of their monthly net (adjusted) income for rent. In order to qualify for State-aided public housing administered by the Stoneham Housing Authority, you must have a net income by household size, as follows:

          Household Size                         Net Annual Income Limit

One Person                                                      $ 45,100.00

Two Persons                                                    $ 51,500.00

Three Persons                                                  $ 58,000.00

Four Persons                                                    $ 64,400.00

Five Persons                                                     $ 69,600.00

Six Persons                                                      $ 74,750.00

Seven Persons                                                  $ 79,900.00

Eight Persons                                                    $ 85,050.00

Applications are also available for our one-bedroom Chapter 667 State-aided elderly/handicapped apartments, which is always OPEN. Residents for this program pay either 25% or 30% of their monthly adjusted income for rent depending upon whether or not utilities are included.

Applications for housing are available at our office at 11 Parker Chase Road, Stoneham, MA 02180. Applicants may request an application by mail or by calling our office at (781) 438-0734. You may submit applications by fax at 781-438-0734 or by email at m.orloff@stonehamha-ma.com.


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