You’re Input is Needed! Please Read and Respond!

The Merrimack Valley Regional Network along with many other Regional networks across the region have embarked on a process of forging an education and workforce work group that would begin to look at policies and resource recommendations to present to the Inter-agency Council on Housing and Homeless in the coming months.

The task put to the break out groups was to envision what our education and workforce system should look like in 2022.

At our last Worcester convening, stakeholders in attendance raised the issue of doing advocacy work across the regions.

We are now requesting of you, our broader stakeholder base, your local recommendations for policies you would want to see changed that would help support homeless/at risk individuals/families in their pursuit of getting employed.

We know that there will be general consensus around a lack of resources.  There could be other recommendations that might address child care (long and short term), utilization of community assets at non-traditional times, transportation innovations, or whatever challenges you see that would help bridge more opportunities for families to increase their incomes.

One example that came up at our meeting was the suggestion by Horizons for Homeless Kids.  “If one of the needs is to secure short term child care while training is happening, Horizons would consider helping to think about bringing some of their volunteer capacity to attend to the kids especially at non-traditional hours.”

It would be helpful to us if you could give some policy and resource recommendations for submission to the Inter-agency Council on Housing & Homelessness.

So, how do you envision our education and workforce systems in 2022?


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