McKinney/Vento FY11 Merrimack Valley Homeless Student Data & Transportation Costs

In pulling together our presentation for the Merrimack Valley Regional Annual Conference, we pulled the homeless student data, for FY11, from the Department of Education.

The first column notes the school district reporting the data. The second column indicates the number of homeless school children, PreK -12th grade and the costs associated with transporting homeless children to their Districts of origin.

The numbers of homeless students who are reported to DOE by the McKinney/Vento – District Homeless Liaison are significant. However, it is important to point out the added cost of homelessness in an area we don’t often think about…the cost to transport our students to their Districts of origin. In the Merrimack Valley alone, our Districts spent nearly $500K. These costs are often mutually borne by the District of origin and the host community. Just think, as we work toward solutions to prevent families from becoming homeless and/or quickly re-house families who have become homeless…our School Districts would have “that” much more to put back into our cash strapped classrooms or building infrastructure!

School District Homeless Total School District TRANSPORTATION Costs
Amesbury 17 $30,354.00
Amesbury Academy Charter Public (District) 5 $3,015.00
Andover 2 $12,825.00
Chelmsford 13 $41,370.00
Dracut 33 $7,983.18
Essex Agricultural Technical 1 $0.00
Greater Lawrence Regional Vocational Technical 10 $0.00
Greater Lowell Regional Vocational Technical 0 $0.00
Haverhill 62 $49,160.02
Lawrence 336 $80,759.20
Lawrence Family Development Charter (District) 4 $0.00
Lowell 182 $75,000.00
Lowell Community Charter Public (District) 7 $0.00
Lowell Middlesex Academy Charter (District) 0 $0.00
Methuen 13 $76,526.00
Newburyport 16 $8,637.00
North Andover 8 $14,000.00
North Middlesex 9 $9,500.00
Tewksbury 14 $13,938.00
Tri County Regional Vocational Technical 15 $1,170.00
Triton 271 $29,287.43
Tyngsborough 6 $3,766.00
TOTAL 1024 $457,290.83

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