Bed Bug Seminar for Property Owners & Managers @ MBHP

 Bed Bug Seminar for property owners and managers 

Tuesday May 1, 2012 from 6pm – 8pm.

Jonathan Boyer, Boston’s leading authority on bed bugs has graciously agreed to offer his expertise and share his knowledge on the following:

  • History of bed bugs and pesticides
  • Anatomy of the bed bug
  • Biology and ecology of bed bugs
  • Injury and damage caused by bed bugs
  • Symptoms of bed bugs
  • How to identify and inspect for bed bugs
  • Treatment options for bed bugs
  • Do I have to throw my furniture away?
  • Documentation
  • Pesticides available to battle bed bugs
  • Treatment failures
  • Fraudulent products and services
  • Common issues and problems that thwart control
  • Owner’s responsibility vs. tenant’s responsibility
  • HUD guidelines on bed bug control and prevention (Notice H 2011-20)
  • Insecticide resistance
  • Canine scent detection
  • New technologies
  • How to protect

The seminar covers all aspects of the problem, making attendees better informed to make important decisions with respect to hiring pest control companies, choosing methods of control, educating stakeholders, and protecting themselves. This is a soup-to-nuts examination of the epidemic. It’s presented in a compelling format that is both entertaining and informative. The program has been called the best of its kind by national audiences. 

If you are planning to attend, please be sure e-mail me at to confirm your attendance. 
This meeting will be held here at our office on 125 Lincoln St. 5th Floor, Boston. We are easily accessible by the T and just two blocks from South Station (detailed directions can be found at under “Contact Us.”) If you are driving, $10 parking is available after 5 P.M. in the garage in our building; the entrance is on Beach Street.


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