Home Modification Loan Program for Elderly & Disabled Hoemowners

This piece was passed onto me by the Home Modification Loan Program Coordinator here at Community Teamwork. This is one of our favorite programs to promote as the benefits in accessing this loan program, in many cases, is life changing. The overall intent of this program is to keep homeowners and their dependents in the home by making physical accommodation in the home so that a residents may live safely.

The Home Modification Loan Program


The Home Modification Loan Program (HMLP) at Community Teamwork, Inc. is a state funded loan program that provides no or low interest loans to modify the homes of elders and individuals with disabilities. Established by the Massachusetts Legislature in 1999, the program’s goal is to facilitate community first living options for people with disabilities.


HMLP loans are available to make modifications to the primary, principal residence of elders, adults with disabilities and families who have children with disabilities.  The modifications must be necessary to allow the person who has a disability to live in the home, and relate to their ability to function on a daily basis.  Home modifications funded by this program allow elders and those with disabilities to return home or to continue living independently and safely in their own home.


Some examples of projects funded through this loan program include accessible bathroom and kitchen adaptations, stair-lifts and wheelchair lifts, ramps and home safety features such as hard-wired alarm systems, safety windows and fences.  Home modifications necessary to accommodate the needs of elders and individuals with physical, cognitive or neurological disabilities may be eligible for this program.


Based on income guidelines, loans of $1,000 to $30,000 are available, secured by a note and a mortgage on the residence.  The HMLP offers 0% or 3% deferred payment loans and 3% amortizing mortgage loans depending on household income.  Landlords with fewer than 10 units may be eligible for a 3% loan to modify a unit for a tenant who has a disability.   Most HMLP loans are 0% interest loans with no monthly payments – no interest accrues and the loan is not repaid until the home is sold or transferred.


The loan application process is easy and streamlined.  Application materials and FAQ information sheets can be found on CTI’s website at http://www.comteam.org/hcec.htm


For more information please contact Alan Trebat at Community Teamwork, 978-654- 5741 or by email to atrebat@comteam.org.


HMLP is a Massachusetts Rehabilitation Commission program in collaboration with the Community Economic Development Assistance Corporation.



4 thoughts on “Home Modification Loan Program for Elderly & Disabled Hoemowners

  1. Good Day!
    Thank you for the post. I have 2 questions.

    1) is this only in towns that have met certain percentages of low income residents?
    2) I am 60 (7/10/12) and my declaration of disabled is only by MassHealth. Can I qualify?

    My roof is leaking on my bed w/every rain, my bath tub leaks onto my downstairs every time I drain it. I have squrrels ripping up the house. I am employed 4 – 6 hrs a wk (all the “big box” retailer I work for will assign me) so have fuel assistance and food stamps.


    • Good day! Thank you for your comments. Our Home Modification Coordinator has attempted to contact you via email, however, emails are bouncing back as undeliverable. Please feel free to contact Mr. Trebat at (978) 459-0551.
      Good Luck.

  2. Hello my name is Earnest Hardy,
    Im a parapledgic and i have a 5yr old daughter and i live with my mother. We recently had to move bac home into our house and i cant get into the rooms nor the bathroom. I was wondering if there was a way to obtain a loan to modify the doors and bathroom!! if u can help me it would be grately appreciated and i can be reached at 786-372-1746

    Thank you!!!

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