Housing Consumer Education Center – July 2012 Newsletter – Helpful Moving Hints

Useful Form When Moving into a

New Unit

When moving into a new apartment, it is a good idea to do a walk-through with your landlord. Go from room to room checking off any problems that exist. On moving out, you don’t want to be held liable for a problem that existed when you moved in. The landlord will not be able to withhold a portion of your security deposit for a problem you have documented existed when you moved in.  Complete this form and make sure both you and your landlord have a copy.

Tenant/Landlord Inspection Form


Date/Time of Inspection:



Signs of infestation (mice, roaches, etc): Yes □  No  □

Working/Clean Stove:  Yes  □  No  □

Working/Clean Refrigerator: Yes  □      No  □

Working/Clean Dish Washer:  Yes  □  No  □

Working/Clean Sink: Yes  □  No  □

Floor/Tiles Clean/Safe: Yes  □  No  □

Walls Clean/No Holes: Yes  □  No  □

Ceiling Clean/Safe: Yes  □  No  □

Windows Operable: Yes  □  No  □

Doors/Locks Operable:  Yes  □  No  □

Outlets/wiring safe: Yes  □  No  □


Living Room:


Floor/Carpet Clean/Safe:  Yes  □  No  □

Walls Clean/No Holes: Yes  □  No  □

Ceiling Clean/Safe: Yes  □  No  □

Windows Operable: Yes  □  No  □

Doors/Locks Operable: Yes  □  No  □

Signs of infestation: No  □  Yes  □

Outlets/Wiring Safe: Yes  □  No  □



Working Toilet: Yes  □  No  □

Working Sink:  Yes  □  No  □

Working Tub:  Yes  □  No  □

Working Shower: Yes  □  No  □

Working Fan: Yes  □  No  □

Floor/Tiles Clean/Safe: Yes  □  No  □

Ceiling Clean/Safe:  Yes  □  No  □

Walls Clean/Safe:  Yes  □  No  □

Signs of infestation: Yes  □  No  □

Doors/locks operable: Yes  □  No

Outlets/Wiring Safe: Yes  □  No  □



Floor/Carpeting Clean/Safe: Yes  □  No  □

Ceiling Clean/Safe:  Yes  □  No  □

Walls Clean/Safe:  Yes  □  No  □

Outlets/Wiring Safe:  Yes  □  No  □

Signs of Infestation:  No  □  Yes  □

Doors/Locks Operable: Yes  □  No  □

Windows Operable:  Yes  □  No  □


Common Areas (Halls, Foyers, Balconies etc):

Floor Clean/Safe:  Yes  □  No  □

Walls Clean/Safe:  Yes  □  No  □

Ceiling Clean/Safe:  Yes  □  No  □

Signs of Infestation:  No  □  Yes  □

Outlets/Wiring Safe:  Yes  □  No  □

Door/Locks Operable: Yes  □  No  □

Windows Operable: Yes  □  No  □

Outlets/Wiring Safe:  Yes  □  No  □


New England Subsidized Housing

Looking Beyond Mass. For Housing

With subsidized housing in Massachusetts faced with lengthy wait lists or with wait lists closed, some people may be willing to look outside the Commonwealth for subsidized housing. While moving out of Massachusetts has such drawbacks as losing Mass Health,  waiting lists  for subsidized housing in such places as Maine, New Hampshire and Vermont may be much shorter. Following are some web sites for subsidized housing in New England:

New Hampshire Housing Finance Authority  www.nhhfa.org

Vermont State Housing           www.vsha.org

Maine State Housing   www.mainehousing.org

Rhode Island State Housing    www.rhodeislandhousing.org

Connecticut Housing Finance Authority  www.chfa.org

Stewart Property Management (Maine, Mass, Vt. NH) www.stewartproperty.net

These sites post lists of subsidized housing. Vermont and New Hampshire post vacancy lists. This means that apartments may be imminently available with little or  no waiting time. The lists are updated monthly and include subsidized elderly and family housing. Waiting lists in other states may be shorter because the competition for those units is not as great.

NEARLISTINGS.ORG is a new service provided by Community Teamwork whereby landlords and tenants can hook up. Landlords have access to the site in order to post new apartment listings. Tenants can go on and search for an apartment that suits their specific needs. There are currently 55 postings on the site from Lowell and from surrounding communities. The listings give very detailed information about the available units and often have photographs showing the interior of the units.

NEARLISTINGS.ORG is a convenient way to browse for affordable apartments and make contact with landlords eager to rent to you. NEARLISTINGS is easily accessible on-line.

Upcoming CTI Events

If you would like to post any upcoming events, please let us know.

Foreclosure Prevention – Every other Thursday for  2  hours from 5:30 to 7:30 PM . To register, call 978-0600 x3

Employment and Training  –  1st and 3rd Wednesdays 10AM -11 AM

To register for a workshop, call 978-654-6691.

Subsidized Housing Workshops   

July 11    5:30 PM (English)

July 21   Wed. 2 PM (Spanish);

July 25   Wed.11 AM(English)

GED Classes—Ongoing Enrollment  Contact Yolande Pere at 978-654-5719 or Yolande Pere at 978-654-5719.

Veteran’s Benefits Workshop   – Tue July 10 & Tue July 24 10-11 AM


Adult Education of Lowell:                            978-937-8989

Amesbury Community Action                       978-282-1000

Bonnie CLAC (Car Loans)                             1-866-455-2522

Cambodian Mutual Asso.                            978-454-6200

Catholic Charities (Lowell)                            978-452-1421

Catholic Charities (Lawrence)                     978-685-5930

Chelmsford Housing Authority                      978-256-7425

Christmas in April                                             978-458-7816

Coalition for a Better Acre                             978-970-0600

Community Action of Haverhill                    978-373-1971

Community Action of Lawrence                  978-681-4900

Elder Services of Merrimac Valley                978-683-7747

Good Walk Friday                                          978-927-5847

GRIP Project                                                    978-458-3622

Harvard Vanguard Chelmsford                  978-250-6000

Household Goods Ministry                            978-635-1739

International Institute                                    978-459-9031

Lawrence YWCA                                            978-682-3039

Lowell Community Health Cntr                    978-937-9700

Lowell Transitional Shelter                             978-441-0805

Merrimack Valley Food Bank                        978-454-7272


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