DHCD Statewide EA Providers Meeting Wrap Up

The Merrimack Valley/North Shore DHCD EA providers meeting took place last week. A h/t to Homes For Families as they did a great job summarizing all of the salient points of the discussion (read below) that occurred in their region

DHCD Statewide EA Providers Meeting

by homesforfamilies

The Department of Housing and Community Development hosted a meeting to discuss the new shelter scope of services, introduce their software partner and go over the new data system.  Click here to see/download the slides from the meeting.  And here to read HFF’s meeting notes.  Admittedly, I slacked off during the presentation from Social Solutions and I thought the slides had most of the information so I didn’t take the most copious of notes.  However, providers asked some important questions and I hope I captured most of that dialogue.

I also noted areas that DHCD asked for specific feedback, which included the following topics:

  • Clarifying roles with distinct agencies and partners for stabilization and other service provision
  •  Assuring RAFT as a successful prevention tool for families with extremely low incomes
  • Developing a model for shared scattered sites
  • Policies around non-compliances for HomeBASE eligibility
DHCD also committed to writing a letter clarifying that the scope of service outlines goals, rather than mandates.  As the graph a previous post regarding the scope of service indicated, the contractor goals were a primary area of concern. Did your of concerns regarding the scope get addressed in the meeting?

Please feel free to submit your questions, reactions, and feedback to HFF (via the blog or email) so we can keep the conversations going.



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