Community Based Housing Units in Leominster

The Watermill apartments in Leominster is currently accepting applications for two 2-bedroom affordable accessible CBH units.

They are expected to be ready for occupancy in mid September.

To obtain an application please contact  Caitlin at Wingate management at 978-840-1420.

To be eligible for one of the CBH units the  person(or family member)  must have a disability, not be a DMH or DDS consumer, and not be  in an institution or at-risk of institutionalization.

The CBH certification form is below:


Mass Rehabilitation Commission Certificate On Application for Community-Based Housing

Dear Certifier:

The Community Based Housing Program (CBH) provides affordable housing for individuals with disabilities who are living in institutions and seek an alternative in the community or those who are at risk of institutionalization.  The CBH Program seeks to ensure that, through the availability of CBH, individuals with disabilities will be able to live as independently as they are able, in their own homes.

You have been asked to complete this certification for the individual named below who is applying to reside in a CBH-funded unit. An appropriate signatory is a licensed medical, psychological or allied mental health and human services professional who has knowledge of the individual for some duration or a person designated by MRC as a certifier.

Applicant’s Name:                                                                                                              

qYes qNo   Applicant has a disability defined as: An individual who has a physical or mental impairment that is of a permanent or long and continued duration and that substantially limits one or more major life activities is considered a person with a disability, excepting individuals who are persons with disabilities who are eligible for housing developed with Facility Consolidation Funds (FCF) funds; this exception is required by the legislation.  Major life activities include: self care, learning, receptive and expressive language, mobility, cognitive functioning, emotional adjustment and economic self-sufficiency.

qYes qNo   Applicant is not eligible for housing developed with FCF funds, i.e. a current client of

The Department of Mental Health or Department of Mental Retardation. (A “yes” answer confirms the applicant is NOT eligible for FCF)

qYes qNo   Applicant is institutionalized or at risk of institutionalization in a nursing facility, long term rehabilitation center or hospital

Explanation (please state if the individual is currently institutionalized)






I certify that the foregoing information is true and accurate to the best of my knowledge.



(Signature)                                                                                            (Date)







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