Facing Foreclosure? Home Corps Hotline Information

Facing Foreclosure?

Contact the HomeCorps Hotline at

(617) 573-5333

Addressing the foreclosure crisis is one of the most important things we can do to restore a healthy economy. The Attorney General’s Office is launching a statewide foreclosure prevention and borrower support initiative entitled the HomeCorps.

The goal of HomeCorps is to provide help to distressed borrowers in Massachusetts who are facing foreclosure. Here is how HomeCorps can help you:

  1. If you are facing foreclosure the HomeCorps program will provide you with free legal consultation to assist you through the foreclosure process
  2. If you have gone through the foreclosure process, the HomeCorps program will provide you with an advocate who will help you
    1. access housing
    2. try to maximize your income through a detailed program search
    3. with financial counseling

Funding is available through the HomeCorps program to help you with securing housing.

You must register with the AGO program through the hotline 617-573-5333 or online here


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