Travelers Aid Family Services Seeking Chronic Homeless Veteran Family for a Housing Opportunity

Travelers Aid Family Services Chronic Homeless Housing (CHH) Program

Travelers Aid Family Services is seeking assistance from providers in identifying a chronic homeless family with veteran status. The family identified must meet the following criteria for consideration:

Selection Criteria

1)      Willingness to live in Metro Boston area and comply with Stabilization Agreement

2)      Family Size appropriate for a two bedroom apartment

3)      Chronic Homeless eligibility

  1. must have been living on the street or in shelter for either one continuous year — OR – must have experienced four episodes of homelessness (on the street or in shelter) over a three year period

4)      Residing in Emergency Shelter or on the street at the time of referral

5)      Veteran (with DD-214) Head of Household

6)      Willingness and ability to engage in stabilization services (including developing andworking towards goals on a service plan)

For application, connect with:

Alison Bromley, LICSW

Manager of Stabilization Services

Travelers Aid Family Services

727 Atlantic Avenue, 6th floor

Boston, MA 02111

phone: 617-542-7286 x231

fax: 617-542-9545


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