CTI-Housing Consumer Education Center – November 2012 – Newsletter

CTI Education Programs


New Entry can help you decide if farming is right for you, find a job on a farm, or start your own farm business. We can also help you find land for your farm, learn to raise livestock, and sell your products. You can attend a classroom or online course to learn how to write a business plan. We have hands-on field trainings where you can learn practical skills. Contact 978-654-6745 or visit http://www.nesfp.org or come to our office at 155 Merrimack Street in downtown Lowell.


Do you have a dream to start your own business? Do you already have a business but are looking to expand and grow? Then we are your one-stop resource center. We empower entrepreneurs with education and training to make the right choices and increase chances for success. We offer entrepreneurial training, workshops, one-on-one counseling, business plan assistance, financing, crisis intervention, a resource library and MORE! We are located at 88 Middle Street, 2nd Floor in downtown Lowell at 978-322-8400 or at http://www.merrimackvalleysmallbusiness.com.

Replacement SNAP benefits for people affected by October 29 storm

Hurricane Households affected by Hurricane Sandy may apply for benefits to replace food lost due to extended power outages, a flood, or an equipment failure. Replacement is limited to the value of the food lost or damaged, not to exceed the total monthly SNAP benefit amount the household receives.

Application deadline

Typically, households must report loss of food within 10 days of the incident. However, the USDA Food and Nutrition Service has issued a waiver of the timely reporting requirement for household replacement of SNAP benefits. For food loss related to Hurricane Sandy, the waiver extends the reporting period an additional 20 days (from 10 to 30 days). To be considered timely, households may report losses associated with this storm by the end of the day on Wednesday, November 28, 2012. They must return a signed and completed statement of loss within 10 days of the date of reporting the food loss.

Process for Applying:
▫ Clients must report the loss of food by phone, in person or in writing to DTA within 30 days of the loss. To be considered timely, households may report losses associated with this storm by the end of the day on Wednesday, November 28.
▫ Return a signed and completed Statement of Loss/Request for replacement Food Due to a Household Disaster or Misfortune (SNAP-9B) within 10 days of the reported loss to the local DTA office. If the 10th days falls on a weekend or holiday and the statement is received the next business day, DTA will consider the request to be timely.
▫ Provide verification of the household misfortune

Assessing Food Loss
▪ When did you last receive SNAP benefits?
▪ What food did you buy the last time you shopped?
▪ How much of that food needed to be refrigerated? Did it spoil?

New England Subsidized Housing

Looking Beyond Mass. For Housing
Following is a list of housing authorities in Rhode Island for those willing and interested in approaching subsidized housing outside of Massachusetts:

Rhode IslandHousing Authority 401-457-1234
Bristol Housing Authority 401-253-4464
Burrillville Housing Authority 401-568-6200
Central Falls Housing Authority 401-727-9090
Coventry Housing Authority 401-828-4367
Cranston Housing Authority 401-944-7210
E Greenwich Housing Authority 401-885-2610
E Providence Housing Authority 401-434-7645
Johnston Housing Authority 401-231-2007
Lincoln Housing Authority 401-724-8910
Narragansett Housing Authority 401-789-9489
Newport Housing Authority 401-847-0185
N Providence Housing Authority 401-728-0930
Providence Housing Authority 401-751-6100
Smithfield Housing Authority 401-949-0270
S Kingston Housing Authority 401-783-0126
Tiverton Housing Authority 401-624-4748
Warren Housing Authority 401-245-7019
Warwick Housing Authority 401-463-7206
W Warwick Housing Authority 401-822-9430
Westerly Housing Authority 401-596-4918
Woonsocket Housing Authority 401-767-8000

NEARLISTINGS.ORG is a new service provided by Community Teamwork whereby landlords and tenants can hook up. Landlords have access to the site in order to post new apartment listings. Tenants can go on and search for an apartment that suits their specific needs. There are currently 55 postings on the site from Lowell and from surrounding communities. The listings give very detailed information about the available units and often have photographs showing the interior of the units.
NEARLISTINGS.ORG is a convenient way to browse for affordable apartments and make contact with landlords eager to rent to you. NEARLISTINGS is easily accessible on-line.

Upcoming CTI Events

If you would like to post any upcoming events, please let us know.

Apartment Search/Smart tenant Workshop Thur. Nov 8 10:3-11:30a (Phoenix Ave)

Foreclosure Prevention Every other Thursday for 2 hours from 5:30 to 7:30 PM . To register, call 978-0600 x3

Employment and Training – 1st and 3rd Wednesdays 10AM -11 AM
To register for a workshop, call 978-654-6691.

Financial Workshops conducted each day at noon and on Wednesdays at 5 PM for those clients applying for financial assistance.
Also conducted at Greater Lawrence Community Action 9 AM the 2nd and 3rd Fridays of each month. And at Haverhill Community Action the third Thursday of each month at 9:30 AM.

Free legal Advice, 4th Wednesday of each month. The opportunity to meet with a legal services attorney. You must sign up in advance by contacting the Housing Consumer Education Center at 978-459-0551.

Subsidized Housing Workshops
Nov 1 9 AM (English)
Nov 9 10 AM in Lawrence
Nov 14 5:30 PM (English)
Nov 21 Wed. 11 AM (Spanish);
Nov 28 Wed.11 AM(English)

GED Classes—Ongoing Enrollment Call- 978-654-5719.
Veteran’s Benefits Workshop Tue Nov 13; Tue Nov 27 10-11 AM

Adult Education of Lowell: 978-937-8989
Amesbury Community Action 978-282-1000
Bonnie CLAC (Car Loans) 1-866-455-2522
Cambodian Mutual Assoc. 978-454-6200
Catholic Charities (Lowell) 978-452-1421
Catholic Charities (Lawrence) 978-685-5930
Chelmsford Housing Authority 978-256-7425
Christmas in April 978-458-7816
Coalition for a Better Acre 978-970-0600
Community Action of Haverhill 978-373-1971
Community Action of Lawrence 978-681-4900
Elder Services of Merrimac Valley 978-683-7747


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