Home for the Holidays – Rehousing 98 Families By Years End!


Home for the Holidays – Rehousing 98 Families by Years End

Here at Community Teamwork , we are in the process of a a massive project of re-housing 98 families from emergency family shelters and emergency motel shelters.

As you might assume, it takes a village…..we are seeking donations to help our homeless families set up a new household. This is a great neighborhood association, Girl/Boy Scout Troop, Interfaith project. Help a little and it helps ALOT!

This project is a partnership between Community Teamwork, Inc and The Wish Project of Lowell. The most ideal situation, particularly with furniture donations would be for donors to bring their items directly to The Wish Project 1A Foundry St. Lowell, MA. However, as noted below, we as an agency can arrange on a limited basis, pick up of furniture donations, a capacity that The Wish Project does not have.

We need YOUR Help!

Below are some of the items most in demand.
. Couches
. Love Seats
. Lamps
. Kitchen Table with chairs
. Dishes
. Silver Ware
. Pots and Pans
. Bureaus
. Shower Rods and
Shower Rings
. New Towels
. New Sheets
. New Blankets
. New Pillows
All donations are tax deductible.
Pick-ups may be available
Call Jessica at 978-654-5813
or email Jessica at jmccarthy@comteam.org


phone into Community Teamwork’s main phone at (978) 459-0551


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