Graduate Study in Community Psychology Program @ Umass Lowell

(from Professor Hostetler)

Dear NPA Colleagues,

I’m writing to encourage you to let your colleagues and others in your networks know about our Master’s Program in Community Social Psychology (CSP) at UMass/Lowell.  We are always looking for qualified applicants — and what better people than those of you in Lowell’s nonprofit community to know about them.

You may not know, however, that our program is one of a very few of its kind in the United States.  We may be biased, but we are convinced that it’s one of the very best. One of our program’s hallmarks is close connections with the Lowell community; we’ve now been working to tighten those connections and to strengthen Lowell’s community life for more than 30 years.

Here’s some more detail: The CSP graduate program welcomes applications from those interested in deepening their understanding of community and organizational life and developing analytical and practical skills for community and organizational change.  We have a rolling admissions process and are accepting applications for Spring and Fall semesters.

Students accepted will enter a 36-credit Master’s degree program with an emphasis on community systems, research evidence, problem-solving methods, social justice, and multiculturalism. The program emphasizes hands-on applications of knowledge, particularly through a two-semester Practicum of approximately 10 hours per week at an approved community site.

Students study together with nationally recognized faculty, and with talented students from all over the world. Classes are lively, informal, and small. Much of the fieldwork takes place directly in Lowell, which as you well know is perhaps the most culturally diverse mid-size city in the United States.

Our graduates are prepared for — and have taken — leadership positions in government, health and human services, and community and educational organizations in a variety of professional roles and capacities; many also proceed on toward doctoral degrees. Our track record in job placement and career success is exceptionally strong.

A limited number of hourly graduate student assistant positions may be available to provide part-time employment. More information about our program is available at

Andrew J. Hostetler, Ph.D.   Associate Professor of Psychology

Graduate Program Coordinator, CSP

University of Massachusetts Lowell

870 Broadway Street, Suite 1 Lowell, MA 01854

Ph: (978) 934-3979


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