CTI Kicks Off Housing Workshops for 2013

As part of ongoing housing consumer education strategy, we have a number of workshops scheduled each week. Click HERE for our workshops scheduled from January to March 2013.

The workshops available, are as follows:

Apartment Search – This workshop is open to tenants/providers and reviews how to search for an apartment, inspect an apartment prior to moving in, negotiating rental agreements, terminating rental agreements and how to be a “good tenant”.

Eviction Prevention/Tenants Rights Workshop – A representative from Merrimack Valley legal Services will provide you information about your rights as a tenant and how to prevent eviction.

Financial Assistance Workshop – This workshop is geared to those who are applying for financial assistance through the Housing Consumer Education. All who are applying for assistance must attend this workshop. The workshop focuses on eligibility and preparing you for the financial assistance application process, which is done by appointment only.

Subsidized Housing Application Workshop – The session is open to tenants and providers seeking information about affordable housing options. Learn about criteria, wait lists and how to apply.

Veterans Informational Education Workshop (VIEW) – This workshop is designed to educate Veterans, their families and providers as to the programs, benefits and services available to them.


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