Being Evicted? What You Should Know as a Tenant

Are You Being Evicted?  What You Should Know as Tenant

  • Tenants are not obligated to move out of a unit upon receipt of a 14 day or 30 day notice to quit or when a tenant receives a Summons & Complaint
  • Tenants have an absolute right to go before a judge.
  • All towns in Greater Lowell are part of the Northeast Housing Court jurisdiction. Tenants have the right to have their evictions heard in this court and have the right to transfer eviction cases from the district court to the housing court. Continue reading

Day 6 – What do Food Stamps Purchase? Food. Just Food…… Not Toiletries & Household Cleaning Supplies

WHY this exercise? You see, while we do everything that we can do within the constraints of the parameters of our fund-ers which is specific to providing housing resources, we invariably run into challenges around connecting our homeless and newly re-housed households with these key items that are truly necessary in the maintenance of our personal selves as well as the healthy keeping of our homes.

For families in emergency shelter or newly re-housed households – toiletries, diapers and cleaning supplies are very helpful, while travel size soaps, shampoo, toothpaste, toothbrushes and razors (more portable items) are more appropriate for homeless individuals.

This is a great collection project for schools, churches, neighborhood groups, office groups, company wide initiatives or the coupon queen/king who can obtain any of these items with very short money. Continue reading

Cambodian Mutual Assistance Association Seeks Deputy Director

Cambodian Mutual Assistance Association Seeking Deputy Director
Reporting to the Executive Director, the Deputy Director’s responsibilities can be grouped into three major roles: partnership development, program development, and fund development and marketing. The ideal candidate will have a strong commitment to working in a progressive community development and mission-driven organization.
Responsibilities Continue reading

Day 5 – Soup Does a Body Good – Food for Homeless Outreach Centers

While all homeless service providers are members of the Merrimack Valley Food Bank and do receive funds specific to food service, there is still a great need – largely due to the increase of homeless men and women in the City of Lowell. This increase has all homeless outreach centers that provide food service “in the red” in their food budgets.


Here’s how you can help, shop frugally, spend some time in fellowship with family and friends and warm a belly.

  1. Make a big pot of soup – here is a recipe for a 60 serving pot of chicken noodle soup – everyone knows that the soup does a body good.
  2. Make a big pot of Pasta (Red) Sauce – the ingredients are inexpensive, we always wind up making too much – so why not increase the amount, store or freeze what you know you will need for family meals and donate the rest. Here is a link to a 60 serving – hearty pasta sauce recipe Continue reading

Family Finance Solutions – Financial Literacy Classes – Community Teamwork

Lowell Public Schools in collaboration with Community Teamwork, Inc


Family Finance Solutions

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

6:00 – 7:15 PM

Location: Stoklosa School- 560 Broadway Street- Lowell

Please join us at this Family Finance Solutions event to learn more about managing your family finances and take home a $15.00 gift card to Market Basket. You will have the opportunity to attend one of the three (3) informative workshops listed below.   To register and attend one of these workshops, call Gladys Santiago at Community Teamwork, Inc. @ 978-654-5673.

  1. Get Your Credit in Shape: Kick the New Year into shape by getting your credit card debt in order. In this workshop, you will learn about the tools to help you reduce your debt as well as the latest consumer protection laws.
  2. Create a Budget That Fits Your Life: There’s no one-size-fits-all method to budgeting. The trick is to create a plan that helps you make sense of your situation and allows you to make adjustments as your life circumstances change. In this workshop, you will create an individualized family budget.
  3. 2013 Money Resolutions: Sticking to your New Years money resolutions can be easy! In this workshop, you will learn about more ways to plan, budget and track spending.


Employment Opportunities ~ Community Teamwork, Inc

for further info, click here

Program Support Specialist Non-Exempt Full-Time
Construction Supervisor Exempt Full-Time
MVSBC Bookkeeper Exempt Temporary
Microenterprise Retention Specialist Exempt Full-Time
Assistant Site Coordinator Non-Exempt Part-Time
WIC Nutrition Assistant Non-Exempt Full-Time
Transportation Director Exempt Full-Time
WIC Assistant Director Exempt Full-Time Continue reading

Beaver Brook Camp Updates – ID’s, Employment & Re-Housing

A couple of weeks back, we had documented, here, our visit to the Beaver Brook Homeless Camps. Response from our readers was fantastic and we wanted to provide you with a brief update.


1. As you may recall, a lack of valid identification was a barrier for one individual. As it turns out, the license had been suspended due to an unpaid fine. We were able to determine what the fine was and allocate funds to have the license reinstated. The VERY NEXT DAY, this gentleman had a job. Continue reading