Brrrr..Baby, It’s Cold Outside! Day 1 – Cold Weather Survival – Ways You Can Assist Our Homeless Men and Women


Over the coming weeks, we’ll be posting 26 ways that you can provide assistance to men and women who our homeless in the City of Lowell. Ideas will range from providing support for those are homeless to what you can do to support an individual as they move into permanent housing.

Many don’t require any money to be spent, some do. These are items/resources that you may already have on hand and looking to purge or you have some dough and like to shop – these ideas will be right up your alley. You can undertake these projects yourself, as a family, friends, a business, interfaith community or organization.

No give is too small or too big. In then end, all  that matters is that you pulled your own community together to provide for those that are FAR less fortunate than most.

Day 1 – Cold Weather Survival

No Need to remind any our readers, today is cold. Crazy Cold. If one is homeless on a day like today, frostbite and hypothermia ( def: unusually low body temperature: dangerously low body temperature caused by prolonged exposure to cold and may be fatal) are serious medical concerns for our homeless men and women. Here is an interesting report from the National Coalition for the Homeless on the effects of harsh elements on homeless individuals.

Here are some items that would be welcomed and in some cases, life saving:

  1. Heavy wool blankets
  2. Sleeping bags
  3. Mylar Blankets
  4. Insulated Mittens (keeps body heat better than gloves)
  5. Long Underwear (tops/bottoms)
  6. Wool Socks
  7. Hand/Body/Foot Warmers
  8. Hats/Caps/Scarves
  9. Boots
  10. Winter Coats/Sweatshirts

Any of these items may be donated to the following in order to get the items out to our homeless men and women:

1. Lowell Transitional Living Center

2. Living Waters Center of Hope

3. Community Teamwork Resource Ctr.  – 17 Kirk St. Lowell, MA

4. The Wish Project – Judy Kean ~ Blanket the Valley Project

Stay tuned for more ideas and updates on our efforts. Good news is coming!


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