Day 2 – An Ounce of Prevention is a Pound of Cure…First Aid Kits for Homeless Men & Women

First Aid Kit

As Ben Frankin once said, “an ounce of prevention is a pound of cure“. In brief, if we prevent a problem from occurring in the first place, it will save a great deal more in time, effort and cost than it would in trying to repair the damage done later because we hadn’t paid attention to possible problems earlier.

The same holds true for our homeless men and women who are living unsheltered in our community. These men and women are far more susceptible to sustaining minor injuries and have diminished access to basic medical care to address even the simplest of injuries. For example; scrapes, gashes, cuts, gashes, etc.  If left unaddressed, these minor injuries can turn into permanent scarring, slow to heal wounds, infection that spreads and ultimately, very expensive medical care.

homeless first aid kit

We’ve put together a sample First Aid kit that is inexpensive to fill and is a great project for a community group to pull together. The size of this package is deliberate as these have to have the capacity to be easily mobilized and packed into a backpack.

All items fit easily into a gallon size storage bag that has closes securely to keep the items dry.

 The recommended items to complete your Homeless First Aid Kits are as follows:

  1. First Aid Alcohol Swabs (individually packaged)
  2. Hand Sanitizer (sample size)
  3. 1 tube of Bacitracin or Neosporin
  4. 3 x 3 Sterile Pads (the kind that doesn’t stick to wounds)
  5. Gauze (to wrap the sterile pads)
  6. 4 lg Band Aids (knees/elbows/larger skin coverage)
  7. 10 regular size Band Aids for minor cuts
  8. Travel size pkg of tissues
  9. Small ziploc bag filled with cottonballs & Q-tips

small first aid kit

Now, if you are the shopping maven and come across an incredible deal on the small-store bought First Aid kits (like the one pictured, this will do just as well).

These kits may be dropped off at the following locations where they will be disbursed to unsheltered men & women, newly re-housed men & women, families in emergency motel shelter and families re-housed from homelessness:

1. Living Waters Center of Hope

2. Community Teamwork Resource Ctr. – 17 Kirk St. Lowell, MA

3. Pathfinder – 94 Rock St. Lowell (978) 458-3387

All donations are tax deductible

 Questions about what you can do?

Call Kristin (978) 654-5617 or email


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