Day 4 – “Sock It” to Homelessness – Sock Drive – Operation Warm Feet

white socks

Clean, white socks are a staple of homeless health care and First Aid for homeless individuals. See here, for an article on First Aid Kits for homeless individuals. Dry socks, good fitting shoes are key to reducing the cost of medical care for our homeless men and women.
Homeless men and women can walk up to 35 miles per day through our city streets and often have shoes that are ill fitting and wet/damp socks.

Access to shoes and socks is often limited for the homeless men and women living in shelters and on the streets. Rain-soaked feet, ill-fitting shoes, constant standing and diseases like diabetes take their toll on the feet of homeless people.

Our health care providers are treating a huge range of foot ailments – from trench foot to skin infections, from frostbite to nail diseases.  The best way to prevent such conditions is to keep feet clean and dry – very difficult if you spend your days outside.

Here is an article from medscape which notable details the health risks for homeless men and women, foot problems (eg, trench foot, tinea pedis) and another article that illustrates the issue, here.

Socks may be dropped off at the following locations where they will be disbursed to sheltered and un-sheltered men & women:

1. Living Waters Center of Hope

2. Community Teamwork Resource Ctr. – 17 Kirk St. Lowell, MA

3. Pathfinder – 94 Rock St. Lowell (978) 458-3387

4. Lowell Transitional Living Center

All donations are tax deductible

Questions about what you can do?

Call Kristin (978) 654-5617 or email


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